humpday confessions

I really hate to confess this but, I don't have an outfit post for you today...

I know that it's Wednesday, and usually I share at least one outfit, but to tell the truth, I just didn't feel like dressing up, and taking a picture. It happens. Plus it was raining like four out of the seven days this week, and it seriously sucked. 

But, I would like to hop on the cool kid train, and get some shit off my chest. K? K. 

So, in true Humpday fashion, I confess....

-no, i am not wearing a pink shirt right now, but as an ode to mean girls (happy 10th), i will be wearing one later. 

- some days blogging has a tendency to feel like work, and i have to make myself write. 

- some of those days that i have to make myself write, i have no idea what to write about. f you writer's block.

- one of those days i finally find something to write about, i would like to host my own link up, but i'm afraid that no one will join my party. 

- i really like the blog posts with all the gifs, but i literately have no idea where to find them, so i can be one of the cool kids.  

- i am seriously freaking out about graduation. eventually i will write a post about it, but for now, i will keep my insecurities all to myself. just know that i am freaking out about the aftermath... 

- i am also seriously tired and over all of the justin timberlake "it's gonna be may" memes all over facebook. 

- i have really been missing the taste of dr.pepper lately, but i know that it will make me sick if i try to drink it, and that pisses me off. f you migraine medication. 

- i really wish i could win my own $100 target giveaway... oh, have you entered? no, well, you better get on that! 

- personal issues have been consuming my thoughts lately, and since i want this place to be my happy place, i can't really talk about them. i hate that. i think of you guys as my friends, and love the encouragement, but for the sake of privacy and what not, i can't elaborate. 

- i need to stop signing up for swap boxes. i love getting to know other bloggers and making new friends, and it's a great way to promote my etsy shop by gifting custom wine glasses, but most limits are $20. unfortunately one of those personal issues have to do with money, and it seems like the month that the box needs to go out, is the month that i am running short. either i need to stop procrastinating (ahem, earth to me), or just stop signing up. 

- i think that every blog post needs at least one pictures and speaking of my etsy shop, i have some pretty pictures to share with you guys. 

- i confess that i am linking up with: shanna, liz, kathy, and bella :)
   photo new-signature-pink_zps78895c3b.png


  1. Gifs are awesome. I love em. So you want to be cool too huh? Google - Gifs
    What ever kind you want just put that word in front of Gifs. Movie gifs. Disney Gifs. Those are my faves. I'm wearing pink but totally forgot it was the mean girl deal today even after i made a post. u should check that post out and this one

  2. those are really pretty earrings! i love the color of the stones

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I confess that I love your jewelry. I confess that I hope your personal issues work out. I confess I confess that I can't wait to hear about graduation.

  4. I have not yet felt like blogging is work. My WORK is work. Maybe I should quit that? :)


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