April Favorites

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Like last month, I haven't had the pleasure of trying a lot of beauty products this month. Infact, with the exception of one, it may seem as though I have rounded up my favorite drugstore beauty products. Ha! This really wasn't planned, I promise. But, I do have to say that compared with February and March, this month's favorites are definitely more wallet friendly.  

It's no secret that I seriously love EOS products- I keep a lip balm in reach at all times- but until this month, I hadn't tried the Hand Lotion. I saw it at the checkout a couple of months ago, stuck a couple in some swap boxes, and picked one up for myself. And forgot about it. Long story short, I love this stuff. The smell is perfect for Springtime and it is super moisturizing! 

I have a habit of trying face masks... and plan to do a full review here soon. Anyways, I had seen this product advertised in every beauty magazine I had picked up in the past two months, so of course I had to try it. The box contains four masks, and basically all you do is wash you face, and then rub it on for 60 seconds. It's that easy! And after using it, I could tell a difference in my skin texture and pores immediately. Oh, and the clean feeling... yep, definitely worth the price. 
I had been looking for an amazing concealer for some time. Yes, I had bought the fake-up, which is a concealer, but it's mainly used for under eye concealing. Basically I needed something that would be multi-purpose. So, I went to Ulta, and picked up this. Ulta has a nice return policy, and if I didn't like it, I could just return it. Yeah, so, I loved it. It's a great concealer, super easy to use, and I can see why it won Allure's Reader's Choice Awards for best department store concealer in 2013. 

Most dry shampoos leave a nasty and greasy residue behind, not this one. Oh, and I love how when I spray it, it doesn't choke me out either. 

It's hard to put down in words how much I am in love with this stuff. It's simply amazing. It serves as a base coat, top coat, and strengthener. Oh, and it dries quickly. Yeah... hands down best thing for nails since the nail file- in my opinion. 

If I'm using foundation, then there is a 99.9% chance that I am using primer. It's a beautiful thing, but there are so many primers out on the market, so it's hard to choose the best one. Well, today, I am going to tell you that Smashbox Primers are as good as it gets. There are simply amazing. BUT they are expensive, and being a mom with a kid in diapers and student with student loan sharks swarming, ain't nobody got time to deal with that. Enter E.L.F... I picked up a bottle at an affordable price and fell in love! It is basically the same... aka a dupe, but doesn't come with the high price tag. Oh, I've even heard this stuff comes in green and purple... 

All of the products, except the concealer, you can find at Target. And the best thing? I am joining forces with a few other amazing ladies to give you a chance to win $100 to Target! Ahem... new beauty products? Swimsuit? Clothes? Shoes? Yeah, the possibilities are endless.... You can enter here! #yourwelcome
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  1. I love the Boi-ing Concelear it's so affordable and dies the job.

  2. Definately checking out the Essie all-in-one... I've been looking for something just like that!

  3. wow eos has lotion. i just got into the lip balm. i have the orange one and pink one. just bought the pink one today b/c it was on sale at cvs. i love em



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