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We’ve all done it… seen a cute haircut in a magazine or obsessed over a celebs hair for months, finally bite the bullet and make the hair appointment, only to walk out of the salon with the most hideous head of hair that belongs on Medusa. Yeah, we are all guilty. Sure, you should have been paying attention or maybe taken the stylist’s advice when she said, “um, hunnie, that cut is not for you”, but it happens. But sometimes you are in that “hair daze”, like when everything is going awesome and then you get home, and you’re like, “Uh, what the hell did I just do?” Yep, I’m guilty of that. Like when I decided to get layers cut in, after over 5 years of completely straight, layer free hair.

But, I’m not here to talk about what you should or shouldn’t do at the salon. Rather, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there, and to give you some pointers on how to survive a bad haircut. Mainly, a bad bang cut.

A little back story:

I tend to be a little obsessive. When I like something, I obsess over it until I get it (within reason). So when I started my “I love Emma Stone” phase, I wanted everything Emma Stone. I watched her movies, I bought some Revlon, and I wanted her hair. Her bangs to be exact. Yeah, I was a tad crazy. You see, I am not a big fan of bangs. I had them in elementary school (along with a mullet- but that’s not the point), but I hated them. I hated them because I was different. I wanted to be like the popular girls. The popular girls who had long hair and bangs that they could pull behind their ears, because it was “cool”. Yeah, I was naïve.

Anyways, I fell in love with Emma’s hair from the first moment that I laid eyes upon her TV self. She has these gorg wispy bangs that graze her eyebrows, and they are often styled in a side swoop. Oh my god. Yeah, they are beautiful. So, I decided that I wanted them. I needed them. I was twenty-seven years old, and I was going to cut bangs into my hair. I made the appointment that would change the next few months of my life...

>> Though these pictures are at different times, they are both about a month before I decided to cut my hair. <<

I decided to go to Great Clips (mistake numero uno), and upon sitting down in the chair, I told the stylist that I wanted bangs. When she asked me what type of bangs, I showed her Emma’s picture. All five of them. Her response? “Um, I think your hair is a little bit too thin for those, but why don’t we give you a nice swoop?” Yep, I refused…

About thirty minutes later, I walked out loving my new “Emma Stone bangs”. And then I got home. And looked in the mirror. And cried.

Apparently, I was in what I like to call the “hair daze.” Yeah…  So after I dried my eyes, I immediately took to Pinterest to look for ways to hide my bad decision. The following is what I found.

Pin, pin, pin | The best way to hide a bad bang cut is to pin them back or to the side. Now would be the time to invest in cute, colorful, or ornate bobby pins.

Side bang braids & rolls | Once your bangs start growing out, side bang braids and rolls are the next best thing. They are both fashionable and cute.

Headbands | Headbands will become you best friend in the event of a bad bang cut. This is also true with hair styles that combine the headband and pining your bangs back in a bump. Extra points for a headband with a cute flower.

Experiment | Experimenting with a new hair style may be the golden ticket to covering up your bad decision. Plus you never know, you may like what you figure out.

Pray & wait | Hair is hair and soon enough it will grow out to the point of actually being able to doing something with it. Until that point, there are these things called hats, and they are notorious for covering up bad hair days.

My bangs finally grew out, but there was a period for about three months, that I refused to have any pictures taken of me. Crazy.

Have you ever had a bad hair cut? How did you survive? 
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  1. Bad bangs are the worst! So glad hair grows back :)

  2. For what it's worth the bangs looked good to me! I don't think I ever had a cut I hated... but I also did the bangs thing and wasn't happy, simply because my hair is very oily so pulling off bangs was very difficult. :)

  3. I actually don't think they look that bad. I get your frustration, though–I have fine hair as well, and there's no way I could pull off bangs. It would just look like I went through a traumatic period of hair loss, ha!


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