Lies I tell myself on a daily basis

one | One day, I will own a unicorn.

two | Those skinny jeans are going to fit today.

three | I don't need that third candy bar. For breakfast.

four | Today is going to be a Facebook free day.

five | I'm only going to spend 30 minutes on the internet.

six | Ha! That was funny! And a great idea for a blog post.

seven | I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it.

eight | I'm going to schedule all of my blog posts for the week.

nine | Today I am going to make a budget, and we are going to stick to it.

ten | I'm just running into Target for toilet paper.

eleven | One more load of laundry, and I'm done.

twelve | I love cleaning.

thirteen | Maybe I should shave my legs?

fourteen | Day drink is encouraged.

fifteen | Linking up is no fun ;) Right Liz, Bella, & Kathy?
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  1. BAHAHA omg girl why are you so hilarious? I love it! Budgeting myself is always a running joke between myself and my fiancee..can I get three cheers for being a shopping addict???

  2. "I'm just running into Target for toilet paper." LOL, coming out of target with only one thing is an impossible feat. :)

  3. Haha love this I think a few of those are on my list too :)

  4. My favorite one and most used is I don't need to write that one down because I'll remember it. I say that one way too many times.

  5. Hey Tabitha!! Omg totally!! That's so me on a daily basis. No Fb.. then i'm on... skinny jeans.. one day.. def. not hapening, lol! Lies lies lies I tell ya! haha! XO


  6. Haha I agree with a couple of these! especially the one about scheduling all blog posts for the week! I would have to be on vacation for that to happen and even then I may not even want to do it LOL.

  7. Ha yah- I always THINK I'll remember something but definitely need to start writing things down!


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