Privacy issues

When I first started blogging, I never had any intentions of keeping anything, within reason, private. I wanted to share every aspect of my life including my family, which is my heart and soul. So, I did what any parent blogger would do, and started writing posts about my son and his milestones and posting cute lil pictures of him and what not. Basically I incorporated him in almost every aspect of my blog. Without getting too much into detail, I think you get it.
Then, my blog started evolving and I didn't want to be a "mommy blogger", so I continued to post some pictures here and there, but he was still the center of my Friday posts. I mean, I am a stay-at-home mom and all. I can't really just cut my son out of the picture, nor would I want to.

And then I read an article about adding the "no pin" HTML to your pictures and it got me thinking about every picture I had posted. So I decided to hit the "pin it" button and see exactly what people could pin.
Quite simply,  I. was. speechless.
I generally remove the link button to all my personal pictures,  so it's harder for people to steal them, but damn... my son's face was everywhere! I even Googled my blog, and the same thing happened. So I started going back to every post, that had my son in it, and added the html code to the picture.
I waited a week for Google to catch up, since the "no pin" code worked immediately for the "pin it" button, and of course, a few stragglers have gotten through. And don't even get me started on Bing... (every time I take down one, they seem to replace it with another)
Now, I know some bloggers are fine with having their child's face plastered all over the internet, hell, some even intentionally set up blogs and devote them to their child; but I'm not ok with this. I have a choice in the matter, but my son doesn't. Sure, Instagram is way different (unless you use statigram), but your child's face is still out there.
I don't know. I guess it's just me.
I have been going through the past six months of blog posts and deleting any insignificant individual pictures of my son. From now on, the only pictures that anyone will see, are the pictures on Instagram, or if I post pictures on here of him, either me or my husband will be in the pictures with him. Basically, my son will not be the only one in the picture.
I swear if my child's picture ends up on a porn site, I am going to cut someone. Consider yourself warned.

That also brings me to another thing:

Most of you have probably noticed a change in my Instagram name. I apologize for this. If you are wondering where I went, my Instagram name is now: tl_tinywishes. It just works with the brand. :)

Yeah, so that's it for now.



  1. Hey Tabitha. Your not the only one who has been brought to light on this. I know friends who have changed their children's names to things like "Little bee" etc in their posts and watermarking photos of their kids. I can relate to you being oblivious in the beginning of your blogging journey because I too blogged without any real awareness of who may be reading. I used to blog posts so raw that it impacted my relationship with family members. As for me I have stopped caring about what other people think and do. I blog with over 1000 followers all over the world. I blog about my kids and people in our lives etc. I know people whom I have chosen to keep out of mine and my precious kids lives are reading my blog. I have done as much as I can to limit people from stealing pictures but at the end of the day I cant stop them. I know my sons Nana has photo's of my son (taken from my blog) framed in her home although she hasn't seen him since he was 2yo. That suits me fine. I'm happy for the people I dont want in my life to follow our blog. It's less contact they want with my kids because they know whats going on with them and are watching them grow via our web space. Each person is different. I guess its an individual personal choice. Great post!

  2. Even if you use some kind of code that makes it so people can't pin a pic or save it, they can still screen shot from their computer. There is literally no way to stop the creepers except not posting them at all. It's unfortunate. :/

  3. I watermark any pictures that I myself am in. I feel like that would maybe deter anyone from using them inappropriately. I use Picasa to do this.

  4. Im so with ya which may be why i delete my post after a week or so. And even google plus will post your pics and i go back and delete those pics and all. i do that occasionally too due to an ex.


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