Chasing bubbles {and giving away a $200 gift card}

Let's face it, Monday's have tendency to suck. I mean we have all seen the little memes about if Monday was a person and all... so yeah, and today would have to suck especially for all the lovelies out there that just had a three day weekend for the holiday. But, don't be discouraged! I'm going to turn your Monday into a Funday with a nice lil giveaway! Well after I give you a recap of my weekend. :)

Friday was Friday, and nothing really happened. I mean you could go back and read my previous blog post about how last week was super awesome and all, but that's about it. I'm a Mom, and I would rather spend my Friday nights curled up on the couch, watching a movie with my Lil Man. #sorrynotsorry

Saturday was a ten hour workday. There were a ton of issues and we were slightly understaffed (it turned out ok). Ugh! But the bright side came in the form of an iced coffee from one of my co-workers (love her!!) and the nice weather permitting me to spend some time outside with my clients. When I left work, I went to Target to get stuff for Lil Man's basket, and then when I got home, we dyed Easter eggs. He loved it!

Sunday I was off, and it was the best day of the whole weekend! Easter has always been that Spring-is-finally-here affirming type of holiday for me, and I hope it's rubbing off on my son. In the morning, Lil Man went to find the eggs that the "Easter Bunny" left at Grandma's house for him, then he helped Mommy make a cake, and then went back to Grandma's for dinner and bubble fun. I am pretty sure that he actually did have fun, especially since he was in bed by 8:30pm (which gave Mommy time to catch up on replying to blog comments)!

Yeah, Sunday rocked! And that's why I'm linking up with Leeann, Bella, & Lisa Nicole!

Oh, yeah, speaking of Bella... remember that giveaway I was talking about? Well, I am teaming up with her and eight other fabulous ladies to give you a chance to win a $200 stella & dot gift card. Um... that's two-hundred big ones to spend on jewelry, bags, scarves, and whatever else you want. Yeah... I wish I could enter. Good Luck!!!!

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  1. I haven't done bubbles in forever! Looks like fun.

  2. Your little guy is so cute!! I love that he even helped make the cake! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway :)

    Stopping by from Weekend Recap!

    Meg @

  3. The pictures with the bubbles are SO cute! Perfect weekend for it :)

  4. I love the getaway bag - I've been thinking about getting it for a while! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I like the The Jetset - Marine Blue/Blush Fishtails

  6. Hi! Gorgeous shop! My favorite item is the Elegant Pearl Statement Bracelet. So pretty. Your cake looks delicious! It's nice to see pictures of your family having fun with bubbles! Thank-you

  7. Bubbles are the easiest way to entertain kids!

  8. How cute is he chasing the bubbles?! :)
    I want that crazy 5 way necklace!

  9. Madison Tech Bag - Poppy is absolutely stunning.

  10. The Jetset bag - perfect for weekends away! I need :)


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