A bunny, a martini & a thirty-one purse {my weekly recap}

Happy Friday friends!

Each week seems to be getting better and better. Maybe it's due to the fact that I sometimes only share the good (aka my edited life), but maybe it's also due to the fact that I'm a full blown optimist. Sure, I do the whole "why me" in a bad situation, but I always try to see the other side of it: the good side. That's why Allie and Jen's Pit and Peak helps with that. Their link up, is a bit different then the norm... it allows someone to see the good with the bad. Cause let's be honest, we can't all ride around on unicorns that shit rainbows all day.


- My brother was in a car accident this week. He's ok, but it was really scary to hear about it, and not know what was going on right away (my parents were with him, and relaying info to me). He walked away with some bruises, and apparently the car is totaled.

- The same day as the accident, my hubby woke up with a super itchy red rash all over his face, neck, and torso. I thought it was shingles (chicken pox for adults), so he called off and went to an Urgent Care clinic. Turns out, he was having a reaction to the antibiotic that he was taking. Yeah...

- The season finale of Scandal sucked. #justsayin. I'm a little irritated that I have to wait the whole summer to find out if Olivia gets off the damn plane, or stands in the sun with Jake (knowing Olivia, she will turn the plane around and go to Fitz... damn it Olivia, why are you so predictable!).


+ Lil Man was able to see the bunny this week! Of course he's not comfortable with dressed up characters just yet, so we have a picture of me with Lil Man on my lap, the bunny, and the hubby. At least Lil Man smiled.

+ My bestie, who I haven't seen in like a year in a half, came in this week. We did dinner on Tuesday night, saw a movie, and had a drink. It was really nice to see her face! (Oh, and I found out that she reads my blog everyday!)

+ I had my first martini this week!

+ After some snow earlier in the week, it seems as if it's going to warm up for Easter. Which is nice, because I'm off. So with the nice weather, Lil Man was able to go to the park, and play with the Bestie's kids!

+ A Thirty-One purse that I was able to get half-off came in, and I am so happy that I bought it. I love the colors! It's so perfect for all mine and Lil Man's stuff when we go to the mall or whatnot.

+ I wore the mint jeans that have been sitting in my closet for the past two years, for the first time, and I am kicking myself for not wearing them sooner...

+ Awkward came back on this week. Sure, it's still sitting on my DVR, but it still came back on this week.

+ I have had this song in my head all damn week, and I felt like sharing. Yes, I was born in the 80s, and grew up in the 90s. So, enjoy :)

Personally, I think I had a really good week! The idea is for the good to always outweigh the bad, and to learn from the bad.  How was your week? Write about it, and link it up with one of the fine ladies below :) 

Linking up with: Lauren for H54F, Jennie for Friday Favorites, Whitney for #backthatazzup, DarciAprilChristina & Natasha for 5 on Friday, and Allie and Jen for Pit and Peak! 
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  1. I love how positive you are about everything. You have had a really good week overall and I'm glad your brother is fairly okay after his wreck. I love these Friday posts!

  2. Glad to hear your brother is ok, that is so scary. At least there were more peaks than pits :) and I love me a good martini!!

  3. MM that martini looks delicious! Sounds like a great week :)
    xx Tia


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