WIWW: Peach Blossom

Occasionally on my hubby's days off, I just don't want to do anything. It happens. Well, the question always comes up about the toilet paper, and the fact that we are running low. So my response: the two rolls that we have will get us through until tomorrow, and then I will take Lil Man and go shopping. Problem solved. Well, until I wake up in the morning to the in your face, hell has frozen over, apparently we moved to the Artic over night, because I just saw a polar bear looking at me, Mother Nature's attempt at keeping Spring at bay, never ending winter. Yeah, it sucks. But at least I have an un-potty trained three year old, and a box of baby wipes.
Anyways, my point is that I finally bought myself a tripod, and I was going to try it out for you guys, but apparently Mother Nature got word of my idea and said, "Oh, hell no." So, hopefully this is the last week of phone/mirror photos. But, I gatta admit, this new phone does take pretty nice pictures.

cardigan | Target
tank | Maurices
necklace | made by me :)
I wore this ensemble on Monday. Monday was a nice day, and I was feeling the need for something Springy. I had made the necklace over the weekend, since I have been experimenting with jewelry making for the Etsy shop, I am planning on opening this month, and I think it turned out very nicely.
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  1. I downloaded a timer camera for my phone that allows me to take pictures not in the mirror, you should try it, It is perfect for in house pictures when we have all this white stuff keeping us inside.

  2. Are you tanning? You look really tan in that last picture. You did an amazing job with the necklace!!! I'm also loving that shirt. It is such a beautiful color.

  3. Your outfit looks great and I love that blouse and necklace. all beautiful on you girl.


  4. That is so cool you made that necklace! I would totally buy one, very pretty!


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