Refresh your makeup bag {part 4}

Welcome to part four of the five part series on refreshing your makeup bag. To recap: for part one was about makeup expiration dates,  part two was about brush cleaning basics, and part three was about choosing the right makeup bag. Today we are talking about what to put in those makeup bags.

Five makeup tips:
1 // Choosing a makeup line is a matter of preference and skin sensitivity, but it ultimately depends on how much you want to pay for a bottle of foundation or mascara.
Basically, there are two types of makeup: drugstore & retail. Drugstore makeup brands include Cover Girl, Revlon, Neutrogena, ELF, etc. and retail makeup brands include Urban Decay, Benefit, MAC, Smashbox, etc. Basically anything that you can get at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens is a drugstore brand of makeup, and if you have to go to Sephora or Ulta to get it, it's retail brand. Please note, nail polishes are different. Apparently they are a cross-over product, because you can find Essie and OPI at Ulta and Target/Walmart.
2 // Most people don't stick to one line of makeup, they pick and choose, and combine retail and drugstore. This is a natural occurrence. I mean, if you are starting from scratch, I would choose a cheap (but verified by everyone and your mom) mascara like Cover Girl or L'Oreal and one of the Urban Decay Naked Pallets. Listen to peer reviews, and then form your own opinions.
3 // Primers can be your best friends, especially if you are using foundation.
4 // In my opinion, the makeup basics that you NEED in your bag are: mascara, eye shadow, foundation or BB cream, and powder.
5 // The optional makeup upgrades that are also good, are primer, concealer, highlighter, eyebrow brush, and eyeliner.
There you go, five makeup tips. There is so much information out there about makeup, and I know I am just scratching the surface, but I am not a makeup artist. BUT... for the fifth and final part, I am going to share with you my makeup "dupe" knowledge!!!
Oh, and I promised you...
My makeup bag- I chose a pink train case with a teal polka dot that I picked up for $7 at Ulta.
 photo new-signature-pink_zps78895c3b.png


  1. You have nice make-up collection. I'm bad about not buying myself enough of the nice stuff. I want to get myself all new make-up.

  2. These are great points. And I totally agree with your recommedations for a 'starter' kist! Great post!

  3. all these people and their make up bag. including you just make me feel like i'm doing something wrong to only carry around 2 things. foundation and powder :(


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