Things I will never blog about

I guess I'm really hoping for Spring to grace us with it's presence...
Last week, the beautiful and talented Erin, who should be one of your bloggy crushes, if she's not already, penned an honest post about the five things that she would never blog about. Well, her post really got me thinking about my personal blogging boundaries.
Remember when I talked about why I write? Well, in essence I write for me, but also when I write I think of what my readers would want to read about, aka: a diy tutorial or makeup or what I wore or my week or food or something rather personal, basically something that would fall into the lifestyle category.  Something that I would want to read about, or something that could go viral on Pinterest.
So after thinking about it, I am putting my foot down and setting boundaries for this blog, and giving you the ten topic areas that you will never hear me talk about after today...
1 | The three main ones: Religion, politics, and abortion. Let's get this out of the way right here and now: I belive in God, but not organized religion, I don't keep up enough with what is going on in the world to hold my own, and I believe in a woman's right to choose.
2 | Gay marriage. Yes, I support it, but I am not going to write a whole blog post detailing my feelings about how I belive in equality.
3 | Money. Yeah, I got some of it, but I also haven't won the lotto, and I have student loan debt coming out of my ass. Sure, I may write a post about how I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for a piece of paper saying that I'm apparently educated, but as to how much is in my bank account, the post titled The PayPal Statement Came is the closest that you are going to get.
4 | Negative feelings towards family members. Sure, this personal piece of the dot com world is mine, but it is not a public space to humiliate my loved ones.
5 | Marriage issues. Marriage is hard, no matter who you are, and unless you are my husband, you are not entitled to know anything other than the positive. Please see #4.
6 | Sex. Plain and simple I don't feel like broadcasting my sex life and you shouldn't want to hear about it either. We have Cosmo for that :)
7 | Drugs. Ok, this should be a given, but you would be surprised. I know that I live in Northwest Indiana, and I joke that a drug run takes less than an hour, but trust me that when I say, I know NOTHING about drugs. Seriously!
8 | Woman issues. Plain and simple, I know for a fact that unless it's a major medical issue, you guys just don't want to hear about a bloody crime scene taking place, and I just don't want to write about it.
9 | Na-nana-bo-bo stick your head in do-do I am amazing because I am better than you. Basically I am not going to brag about stuff (within reason). I am just a regular girl, and I really need to stop watching Tosh.O. btw, I don't consider beauty reviews, monthly favorites, and sharing what I bought at Target or Sephora as bragging, because I consider you guys my friends.
10 | Um... Ok, I lied. I only have nine... but, at least I gave you nine, right?
Till next time.


  1. Good to know you dont brag. I had someone I was friends with who did that and I can't stand that. plus she put me down alot and thought she was better than me. I'm with ya on most of these things.

  2. I never could quite see the point in blogging about political issues. That's probably more pointless than arguing about political issues....(for the most part)

  3. Totally agree with you on all of these.

  4. I should write one of these posts! I read Erin's post, too. I would never blog about those things either. Some things should just be private. Plus, blogs are supposed to be FUN and I don't consider money, politics, religion, etc. fun :)


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