Cardis, sponsorships & little celebrations

Hey hey hey, it's Friday! This week has been one of the better ones, and that has definitely been a blessing! Let's recap, shall we?
one | My new cardi from Lulus came in and I'm seriously in love! The best part was the fact that I had to go buy a new shirt to match the blue in the cardi, because I don't like the white shirt underneath. So it was a win-win. Ha!
two | I made a trip to the doctor this week, and she started me on a new migraine medication. So far, so good! The only down fall: any time I drink pop, it tastes flat.. so, I guess my days of being a Dr. Pepper addict are over.
three | Me and the hubby upgraded our phones to the new Samsung Galaxy S4!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I am in love with this phone. It has amazing battery life, a great camera, giant screen, and I have just began to scratch the surface in playing with it.
four | I ordered my graduation gown and I have less than two mos until graduation! I am seriously psyched about this, except the fact that we have to drive TWO hours away for me to walk... yeah, that kinda sucks... the joy of online classes.
five | I am officially sponsoring five blogs this month: Endlessly Beloved, Life Style Love, September Farm, Lauren Elizabeth, & Fizz and Frosting (Yes, the last two are a little outta my league, but they are my favorites, and I feel a bit special seeing my face on their sidebars).
six | Since the tax return came in, we have been talking about going on vacation this year... No, we are not talking about going and laying on a beach somewhere, we have a three year old, but actually going and doing something. So, I have brought up the idea of Gatlinburg, TN. Anyone ever been?
seven | I am not usually not one to brag, but this week, a hundred tiny wishes hit 149 on bloglovin, 255 on twitter & 183 on instagram. WOW! Thank you!!! And since it's all about celebrating the little things.. that is something I can definitely drink to all night :)

(maybe a giveaway will be in the works soon... )
Overall, I had a pretty awesome week, so I am linking up with...
Lauren for H54F, Jennie for Friday Favorites, Whitney for #backthatazzup, Darci, April, Christina & Natasha for 5 on Friday, & Allie & Jen for Pit & Peak.


  1. I went to Gatlinburg as a teen with my parents and remember having a really good time! We rented a cabin in the woods -- a real-deal cabin, so cool! -- and had fun just wandering around town. I really like Tennessee. Hope you get to go on an awesome trip . . . travel is so important and restorative!

  2. You are such a doll. I totally wore that cardigan yesterday...and as much as I love and adore it...I put it on hoping it would be the last time I got a wear out of it before spring stays around!!! xx

  3. Dang girl... 5 sponsorships at once?!?! Holy moley!

  4. never been to TN ever. but would love to. that sounds like that would be a great trip. i have family that goes every year at least 2 or more and they love it.

    love the cardis. Never seen one i dont believe. is it like a scarf with a coat or what?

  5. My migraine medication made Dr. Pepper taste flat too but it goes away or I got use to it one. Your cardi is super cute!

  6. Congrats about reaching blog milestones! It's so great when you feel like the place you put a bunch of time into is actually making progress :) And I love that cardigan! Hope you had a great weekend too!

  7. go girl go! it's so awesome to watch your blog grow!!


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