New month, new design?

If your an avid reader here, you probably just had to adjust your eyeballs for a minute. Yeah, I know, my blog changes clothes more than a three year old diva. Don't worry, I'm aware. I mean, I'm the one doing it and all, you know.
I guess I have just been doing some experimenting. I like to fiddle with things. I like the freshness.
It happens. And the design will probably change by next week.
So, for those of you, who haven't been around for a minute, I shall give you the backstory...
You see, when I first started blogging, I thought about going with Wordpress. Well, I soon found out (before I even published the first post) that I wasn't liking it, deleted it, and came over to the dark side. Ha! Anyways, the second that I hit publish on my first post, detailing my Thirty by thirty list, I realized that I didn't like the "myspace" looking format, and I wanted to have a "I'm a blogger, come read what I have to say" blog. The problem was the fact that I didn't know html from a hole in the ground.
Long story short, I set out to find someone that could bring my vision to life, instead of having a discombobulated mess. And price was definitely a factor. Why? Well, if you have noticed, I am not yet doing paid sponsorships, so since I do sponsor other blogs, I am kinda paying to be here. That's why.
Enter Miss Brianna from Endlessly Beloved, and the vision behind Sparkle Out Loud.
Brianna was amazing to work with, and she delivered exactly what I wanted.. a unique mix of pink and grey with some stars splashed in, all at a great price.

I was in love with the "professionalness" of the new design, but me being me, got bored with it. I was looking at other blogs, and realized that even though Brianna had hit my vision right on, apparently my vision wasn't up to my standards. You see, I'm kinda hard on my self, and my own worst critic.
So, after multiple e-mails to and from Brianna, I finally got permission to make some changes here and there. I mean, the woman gave me a GREAT platform to work from.
So, after about a month, the current design is what I am going with. But, I need your opinions... Do you like it? Is it functional? Is it easy on the eyes?
I seriously want to know. :)
 photo new-signature-pink_zps78895c3b.png


  1. I like it! I think it's my favorite so far actually!!! But you can't see much of the chevron once the page loads up... and I love me some chevron!

  2. I like it! I am like you...I have been blogging since the end of December and I am on my second design. I wish I knew more about HTML but til then I rely on those with far more experience and who can make my vision a reality. Some day I'm sure I will be trying Brianna...every blog that she has done I love!

  3. I like it. but then again I love change. Change is good. :D I'm always changing mine and recently changed mine although i'm ready for another change LOL

    Would love for you to come join my own blog hop

  4. I like it :) I like changing mine from time to time also! I like changing different seasons and stuff too though
    I haven't lately! I am stopping by from the blog hop and following you on GFC :)


Thank you for commenting! I love hearing from my readers! :)

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