Indiana will always be my home

Can you believe that it’s already March? I seriously can’t… considering that most of the past 50ish days have been snow covered and frigid. But, with March comes hope…
Hope that Spring will be coming soon. Hope that I can finally retire my water stained and tattered snow boots for the year. Hope that I can break out my flats, or even some flip flops, because my feet are starting to turn a ghostly color of white. Hope that I can add some color into my wardrobe, without standing out in the snow.
Yeah, I have a lot of hope… but let’s move on.
Since today is the first Monday of the month, it’s time to link up with Miss Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved for her monthly Ten Favorite Things Link Up. For those of you who don’t know what the linky is… it’s a monthly link up (duh…) about your ten favorite things about a topic that Brianna chooses. In the past she has chosen what I’m thankful for, Christmas, a new year, and that someone special. As you can see, the subjects are always changing, and are usually on par with the month…
So do you know what March’s topic is? If you just guessed St. Patrick’s Day or Marti Gras, then you, my friend, are wrong. I’m sorry, but do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail.
Yeah, the same thing happened to me too. This month, Brianna decided to throw us all a curve ball, and picked a topic way out in left field… And I actually like it!
Ten Favorite Things About Where I Call 'Home'
{Aka Northwest Indiana}
one // we get all four seasons in one week No joke!
two // we are only about one point five hours (if traffic is bad) away from Chicago.
three // being so close to Chicago gives us the chance to enjoy all the wonders that Chicago has to offer, especially the museums and the aquarium.
four // an amazing Zoo is within reach.
five // sure we may be land-locked, but Lake Michigan provides us with some water and sand, so we call it a beach. Granted I would rather cut my left foot off, then swim in the lake, but the sand is nice…
six // a drug run takes less than forty-five minutes. If Chicago is too far for you, Gary, IN, is right around the corner... I do not do drugs, this is only what I have been told.
seven // we have some pretty nice Universities. Indiana is home to Indiana University, Purdue University, Indiana State University, Valparaiso University, and more.
eight // the parks in Indiana are amazingly beautiful. I am talking about the nature parks, not playgrounds.
nine // Fall is beautiful, sure Indiana don't have anything on Michigan, but we do have some beautiful colors over here.
ten // there is always something to do in Indiana. You can go to the Covered Bridge Fest in Brown county, spend some days sight seeing in Indianapolis, visit the most haunted places in Indiana, and more.
Indiana may not be the ideal place to live, and I talk about moving all the time, but it will always be the place I call home.
On another note, Mondays are always the dreaded day of the week, so I thought of something to shake things up.... New Music Monday!!
Basically I am going to share with you a new song (or just a fun song) that I heard during the weekend, and hope that it brightens your day, as much as you brighten mine :)
For today, I am sharing with you....
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  1. I so miss living in that area! I miss being so close to Chicago and all the beautiful scenery and all the things to do and all the shopping! haha I could go on and on. My husband & I talk about how much we wish we could've stayed there all the time. It's the perfect distance from the city that you can go whenever you want without having to deal with the noise, traffic and higher cost of living. :)

  2. For years I've gone to the Covered Bridge Festival with friends and always come home with something I CAN'T live without! We've also planned a weekend camping trip at Turkey Run... I haven't camped in years, God help me!

  3. My parents are from Milwaukee....when we would drive there we always went through Gary Indiana. Not exactly the most scenic part of tour state is it? That's ok...Lake Michigan is beautiful!!!

  4. You're so lucky you live so close to such a big and fun city!
    P.S. LOVE the new background! I loved the chevron but you can see this much better... super cute! :D

  5. I need to get to IN ASAP! And Chicago too, my moms from there and i've always wanted to visit! thanks for linking up love!


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