February Recap

The second month of this year wasn't bad, really.
Yea, I'm talking about February, so let's recap, shall we?
In case you're wondering...
The above shirt is IWYP by Whitney Ellen. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, but you still have time to order February's shirt (until March 9), and can do it HERE.
Yes, I participated in FOUR different giveaways.... And one of those was my FIRST SOLO giveaway.
I didn't meet my goal of a "no spend month"... I bought a new Caroline G necklace, this cardi, a pair of boyfriend sweats, the Urban Decay Basics Pallet, and a tube of Benefit's Fake Up. Bows head in shame.
My Valentine's Day flowers are still alive.
My hubby had a great birthday.
I got an A- on my final paper... and I am ecstatic.
I ordered my graduation gown the other day... made me feel pretty good.
Since opening up about my depression earlier this month, I am feeling a lot better.
I was nominated for the Liebster Award, and even though it's not really an award, I felt honored.
Sadly, I wasn't able to get my link up together, so I am shooting for March.
Oh, and I completed another thing on my Thirty by Thirty!!!
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  1. Well I would say you had one very productive month! I hope March is just as wonderful! March is my birthday month so I love me some March!!!

  2. I love your shirt!!
    Congrats on getting the gown. c:



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