Birthdays, Migraines, & the History of Rap...

The weather man is calling it Frigid Friday here in Northwest Indiana, and I couldn't agree more. I mean, you know you are living in the wrong place when you walk outside, and the wind hurts your face. Yeah, it kinda sucks, but at least some good things happened to me this week!
one Saturday was in-line for the worst day ever. It was the hubby's birthday, and of course, I woke up with a migraine. Sure, I am used to migraines, but I am not used to getting a aura before one. This was a throwing-up-blurred-vision-my-hand-going-numb-I-feel-like-I'm-dying aura, and it scared the shiznit out of me. But being the person that I am, I went to work, was sent home, and then spent the next 4 hours in bed after taking some drugs. I guess that's protocol when you feel like someone is digging an ice pick in you eye, right?
I woke up feeling better, and since it was the hubby's birthday, I went through with our plans to go out. Do you seriously know how it feels to sit in a bar, and not drink anything with alcohol in it? Oh, and blaring music from a can't-mix-for-shit DJ? Yeah, it sucks. But at least the hubby had fun, and I can now say that I am addicted to bar coke.

two Continuing with the hubby's "birthday weekend", me and Lil Man decided to pick up an ice cream cake for Daddy on Sunday. Lil Man was so excited that he was able to help Daddy blow out the candles.
three Sunday we also went to do our taxes... and I am seriously psyched for the money to come in. The hubby and I decided that we are getting new phones, I can get a new camera, and we are going to pay off bills. Responsible, huh?
four Other than the fun birthday festivities, I have been working my booty off on my final paper and final exam for one of my classes. Well, I am proud to say that my grade came back for my final paper and I got a 91.5, which is an A-!!!!!

five A letter came from my grad school this week inviting me to walk at Graduation! I am so psyched. I have one class between me and my degree, but I am so ready to be done.  
six Earlier in the week, Justin Timberlake was on Jimmy Fallon... and they revisited their "History of Rap".... Made my night...

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  1. Migraines are the worst... but I'm with you on the splurging at tax time! That's how we've purchased new furniture, new washer and dryer, new anything really... not responsible, but that's ok. :) Found you on the Friday Favorites blog hop!

  2. glad he had a great bday weekend. the cake looks good. I love ice cream cakes. esp if they are from diary queen. i love the inside of them.

    please be sure to come join the blog challenge

  3. I love Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake together SO MUCH!!!! :D

  4. I suffer from chronic migraines, so I can sympathize with how awfulllll they are! Hope you're feeling better and fully recovered!

  5. So sorry you had a migraine. I have them also so I can empathize. You are an amazing wife for going out that night so your husband could still have a great birthday. Well at least you didn't have a hangover!


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