The Blogmopolitan Quiz {Round #2}

Since today is Thursday, I was going to give you another part of "refresh your makeup bag", but in all honesty, I have just been so busy with my final paper and final exam this week, that I just haven't had the time to write it up for you. Yeah, grad school kinda sucks.
Anyways, instead of the regularly scheduled programming, I have decided to jump on the cool kid train and fill out another round of The Blogmopolitan Quiz. You see, when Erin debuted the first round of The Blogmopolitan Quiz, I instantly fell in love with the idea, (and quickly filled it out) since being a blogger is kinda like being a celebrity.

Now, I'm not saying that I am a Bloggy Celeb, by any means, but filling out a Cosmopolitan-esque celeb quiz, kinda makes me feel like one. Yeah, that's the idea.
So, if you want to fill out your own, or even read the other cool kids' answers, you can check it out HERE. :)
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  1. *whispers* I actually am going to do a boudoir shoot this summer for the hubs ;) so nervous/ excited!

  2. If you find someone to pay your bills send them my way, too!


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