An Easy DIY Valentine's Day Craft {and swap box reveals}

Today I was going to do another edition of "Refresh you makeup bag", but since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I thought that an easy DIY Valentine's Day craft was of more importance. But, don't worry, next Thursday, we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming, and I will bring you Step Two of how to "Refresh you makeup bag" :)

Also, today I will be showing you the fruits of my Valentine's Day swap boxes!! Excited? I am!

I was at Wal-Mart last week with Lil Man, and he wanted to paint. I decided that I was going to get him some of those easy to paint sun catchers, so he could make them for his Grandma and Great Grandma for Valentine's Day. He liked the idea, and then some cute Rub-on transfers caught my eye. I picked it up, and the hamster started turning. So, I headed into the craft aisle, and found some hanging ceramic tiles.  

The rub-ons cost $.97 and the hanging tile cost $1.97. Both are from Wal-mart.

Step 1: Cut out your designs and arrange them how you want them, with the sticky side down.
(I let my son pick out the designs, since these are for his Grandparents for VDay)

Step 2: Rub the designs with the enclosed popsicle stick, making sure that you rub the WHOLE design.

Step 3: Remove clear covering, making sure not to ruin your design. 
There is no reason to spray with a clear coat, but you can for your piece of mind.

Step 4: Give as gift or hang on your wall :)

My finished product... I didn't listen to my own instructions in step 3, ad ruined the bottom design. So, I just replaced it with two new designs, and then was super careful not to do it again.

Total cost of cute gift: less than $3.00 
Time spent making a cute gift: less than 10 minutes 


Since February was going to be a no-spend month, I told my hubby that I didn't want him to buy me anything for the upcoming lover's holiday. Unfortunately, I still felt the need to be given something, and since I love giving gifts, I decided to sign up and participate in not one, but two different Valentine's Day swap boxes.

The first swap I participated in, was the V-day Swap box hosted by Rachel of The Rachel Way, Mandee of Life, Chaos, and Quotes, and  Ashleigh of The Darling Prepster. I was paired with Stephanie of The Dreams Weaver, and I couldn't have been happier with my gift.

I received a gold owl wax burner and a  handmade card.

The second swap I participated in was the Galentine's Day swap hosted by Allie at Tales of a Twenty Something and Ashten of Always Ashten. I was paired with Kallie of But First, Coffee, and I loved everything that I received.

I received an handmade card, journal, chocolate bar, nail polish, lotion, and a "Mommy's Sippy Cup" wine glass with a straw!

For each of these swaps, the partner and I would e-mail back and forth, so we could get to know each other. I loved this part about the whole thing. I love making new friends, especially in the bloggy world.
So, since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, are y'all ready? Have you gotten that special someone that special gift yet?


  1. Awesome gifts from your swap boxes! Happy Valentine's day!!

  2. Bahahaha... "mommy's silly cup"... awesome!
    These are cute! I might actually be able to pull this craft off!

  3. So cute!
    And that mommy's sippy cup?! awesome!!!! LOL

  4. Thanks for participating in the box swap! Looks like you received some amazing gifts - that mommy's sippy cup is hilarious!! Happy Belated Valentine's Day! XOXO


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