Fashion Blogger I am Not

Hi, my name is Tabitha and I have a confession...

You know those really pretty fashion bloggers out there, who model all of their rather pretty and perfectly put together look with the amazing accessories that you lust after? And you just sit there and look at your screen like...

Yeah, sadly I will never be one of them...

Sure I can "copy" a look from Pinterest and do my makeup and make my hair all shiny, but it all comes down to five essential things that fashion bloggers like Karly Kim, Lauren, Shanna, Niki @ Glossy Blonde, Kate @ The Small Things Blog, and others have... and I don't.
one // They have a great body image. Yes, they are each beautiful, but I am talking about the fact that they know what pose works for their body, and they WORK THAT SHIT. Now me on the other hand...

 sweater: Maurices // Leggings: Oakleigh Rose// Boots: Target // Necklace: Caroline G Shop
two // They either live where there is no snow or can make an outdoor picture look like heaven or have learned to take their pictures indoors... Yeah, haven't figured that one out yet either...
 Shirt: IWYP by: Whitney Ellen // Boots: Target // Scarf & Leggings: Oakleigh Rose

three // All fashion bloggers have something in common... they have great cameras and tripods (or someone to take all their wonderful shots)... and they wear shoes... I on the other hand, have no tripod, have a nice little point and shoot, and take my "outfit" pictures in my bedroom mirror (which really needs to be cleaned). BTW, I know Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy takes her pictures in a mirror, so I feel like I have hope. Because her photos look amazeballs!!!!
sweater: Jo Fresh from JCP // Necklace: Target Clearance // Jeans: Silver Suki Jeans // Socks: Fluffy
four // This goes with the camera thing, but they always have great lighting in their pictures... And they always include their WHOLE body in the shot...

 Shirt: Target // Sweater: JCP // Jeans: Maurices // Shoes: Mudd

five // They know what clothes work for their bodies, and they take the pictures of the clothes (hence the term fashion blogger). I, on the other hand, don't rather hate, but dislike my body, so I am the #selfie queen :)

Yep, so that's my confession... I am not, nor will ever be, a fashion blogger. Therefore, I will continue to share my bedroom mirror taken outfit posts, because it gets me out of wearing yoga pants and a sweater for at least a couple of minutes hours, but not to worry, because I swear I will only share on Wednesdays. :)
ps. I wanted to thank you all for your support on Tuesday's post. You guys have no idea how much it really means to me! xoxo


  1. i'm with you - i can never be a fashion blogger because i dress like a potato half the time and by that, i mean all the time... also, it's so damn hard to look cute in -20 degree weather.

    thanks for linking up!
    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Hahahaha your photos are too funny - you and your sorry are hilarious! And I like the candid photos where you can tell it's cold. I look at most fashion photos and I'm like, "I CAN SEE THE SNOW WHY IS YOUR NOSE NOT RED?"

  3. I had to laugh at the mirror thing because that's soooooooooo me! How in the hell do these girls do it dammit?!

  4. I've always wanted to do a post on what I wore. It would say all clothes from Walmart. No seriously, it would probably say that. I would like to do some fashion posts but I am just not confident yet with my body, my clothes, my pictures, or my editing. One day....

  5. Oh Tabitha your post made me laugh - I can't take a good picture to save my life...and I HAVE a great camera. In fact I have been taking all my pics with my cell phone and in the mirror too!
    You are adorable - and I LOVE the color of your hair. Gorgeous!
    Glad I stopped by from The Pleated Poppy.
    I'm over at


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