Why hello there, Friday :)

Horary, it's Friday... Yay? Eh, I'm not so sure about that, but we'll pretend that this week has been super awesome, k?

So today's edition of the usual Friday post is better said in pictures... and pit and peaks again, k?

Eh, just go with it... I promise only to show pics of the peaks (highs)!

one // Allow me to tell you a little story...

Since I finally submitted my midterm, like seven pages of straight typing midterm, I decided that it was finally time to start day drinking....

Until I ran out of wine....  Then found a bottle in the bottom of my fridge... And drank it.... Renewing my faith in day drinking....

btw, I am totally kidding... I have a rambunctious three year old and responsibilities.

two // I took a cute lil pic of me and Lil Man....

(I have removed it due to privacy issues)

three // I made some super awesome finger lickin' good bbq chicken.... (recipe to come next week)

four // I heard a great song in the car to work....

Which boosted my self-estem, cause I watched this video...
Damn that girl can get down!


five //  To top it all off... I made some Valentine's Day cards out of construction paper. The best thing? They look like a five year old made them! And my hubby gave me some wild flowers and a card for VDay! Yes, he is just that sweet :)

And now with the pits.... :(

one // We replaced the starter in the hubby's car, and then had to turn around and buy a battery for my car... talk about a double whammy...
two // Remember when I talked about my depression issues? Well, since I have been having a flare up, I haven't been able to concentrate on anything. That includes school. I haven't been able to work on my Capstone (the one class standing between me and GRADUATION) to the best of my ability, and well, I feel as if I may fail. So, after talking with financial aid, I am going to drop it, and take it in the second term (my classes are split into 8 week sessions, meaning I take 2 classes every eight weeks).... Awesome, right? Yeah... no. The class isn't offered next term... What? Basically if I don't take it next term, I don't graduate in May. So, I have been talking to the head of the program, and she is going to see what she can do about getting it offered. I am going to pray...
three // The hubby and I have been talking about his upcoming back surgery. Basically his back is screwed (literally) and in order to give him relief, they have to go in and add more hardware. The surgery date isn't set, but I really think that it is the most unwanted and daunting date that I have ever wanted to set. It's just one of those things hanging over our heads. The good news... he has some more tests that the doctor is sending him for, before the doctor will even set the date. I will keep you guys updated.
four // I'm sick again... :(

I really hope next week I have good news to give you!

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  1. Hope you get better quickly!!! :( I hate how sick everyone's been this year... it's awful!
    I'm jealous of that lady's moves... I have ZERO rhythm. haha

  2. I'm so obsessed with "Talk Dirty To Me" it's ridiculous. Sorry about your pits. I hate car trouble and health problems. :( Hope you're having a good weekend!

  3. So funny you posted that video, it happens that the girl in it is a DJ for my local radio station and that's all they have been talking about. It's awesome!

  4. Day drinking in grad school is always a must!

    This may be TMI for a comment, but I struggled with depression a few months ago and it seems as though this past week has been harder than usual for me. Anyway, I know how you feel and I'm definitely sending well wishes your way!


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