What I wore: Grey Maternity Sweater

As some have already read, it's burr-riffic here in Northwest Indiana. It snowed a couple of days ago, and quite frankly, I'm freezing my booty off (but that could be a good thing?) because I don't really have any warm stuff yet (outerwear wise).

Granted I have my North Face fleece, but I don't actually have a nice, keyword being nice, winter jacket, and my boots are from last year. For some, this wouldn't be an issue, except, I wear mine (both jacket and boots) almost year round- Spring, Fall, and Winter. I know, I know, I have already come to the conclusion that I need more than one pair of boots and a nice jacket, and I am working on it, but for now, I will just have to deal with my current ones. 
To illustrate the coldness, I give you this: 
So, onto the post.
I picked up the rather cute grey maternity sweater on clearance at Target a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I just said Maternity, and NO I am not pregnant. I love like maternity clothes. I have a bit of "blah blah blah" from my pregnancy three years ago, and even though I've been loosing weight, I have yet to get rid of "all this". So, maternity clothes tend to give me the room and comfort that I want. Please note: I only have a couple of pieces of maternity clothes- like a couple of shirts, and this sweater. I am not THAT girl.
Anyways, the sweater had been sitting in my closet since I bought it, because of the deep v and awkwardness of how it fit. (Bows head in shame... No, I did not try it on before I bought it, because I was shopping with lil man... Channeling Macklemore: But it was $5.98!!!) 
So, I finally pulled it out of my closet yesterday, through on my black/grey/cream leopard print scarf, and was amazed. The scarf covered up the deep v (dur) and the awkwardness of the sweater looked fine.
I went to Maurices sans lil man (once-in-a-lifetime-thing) and was able to try on clothes, so I decided to snap a pic of my super-awesome-but-retarded-light bulb-moment. Being Mrs. Obvious- the one on the left is no scarf, and the one on the right is well, with scarf.
And I paired this cute lil number with my boots...
Scarf: Wal-Mart
Sweater: Target- Liz Lang Maternity
Skinnies: JCP
Boots: Target

BTW... I decided to link with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and Because Shanna Said So for Random Wednesday

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  1. I have seriously considered buying maternity clothes... Target has the cutest stuff!!!! Especially with winter stuff... you want something that gives you room and is snuggly! I like that sweater!


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