Lil Man

Becoming a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world, but some people just don't understand that there are certain personal liberties that you forfeit when that little bundle of joy comes out of a nine month hibernation and into your life. Or they just don't want to acknowledge them.

Don't get me wrong, I love my lil man. I truly do and he is my world (literally), but I'm not going to fluffy-tize and sugar coat the fact that sometimes I just don't like being a parent.

Yes, I am being selfish, but sometimes I would just like to go pee by myself.

Or actually have a phone conversation without sounding like I have Tourette's.

Or at least have a conversation with another adult without being interrupted.

Or have a hope that my house will stay clean for more than an hour after I spend three hours cleaning it.

Or be able to shop and try on clothes without lil man throwing a fit because I'm taking too long.

Or be able to take a nice long relaxing bath... at the very least, a 20 minute shower without turning around and realizing that there is a naked lil boy standing behind me. (It's not just me... If the hubby didn't lock the door when he took a shower, then lil man would certainly jump in with him. He just LOVES water.)

Or go through one day without having snot on me.

Or have a hope that I won't be stepping on a Lego (Damn you Lego makers! Those damn things hurt!!!)

Yes, I can complain (like any other parent), but in the end, I would NEVER trade a single moment of the past like four years, counting the months I was pregnant with him. He is the only one on this earth that knows what my heart beat feels like from the inside. He is my little boy. He is a reflection of me. He is the love of my life.

AND I do love being a parent to my lil man.
I love...
His for-no-reason-except-I-love-you kisses.
His hugs when I'm sad.
Him saying, "You look beautiful, Mommy" when I'm trying on those clothes.
His cuddles.
The way he says different words.
His sponge-like learning ability.
His sense of imagination, wonder, and things that make him laugh.
His love of Chicago Fire, just like his Mommy :)
The way he cuddles up next to me on the couch and falls asleep when he's tired.
His ability to make me feel like a child.
His innate ability to take a great selfie.
& So much more.
I am kissing his cheek, but he took the picture.


  1. Awww... his selfie is too cute! He's a natural!

  2. I loved this post! Your little man is so cute! I started laughing right away because Amelia is 4... almost 5 and I still can't go pee without her having to ask a major question. Kids... gotta love them!


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