Weekend of...

First of all, thank you to all those vets out there! I have known so many, dated a few, and even had a couple in my family, so I can only imagine all of their sacrifices. So... THANK YOU!!!

Second, this weekend was one of relaxation fun hell. Yeah, hell kinda sums it up. Why?

Well, on Friday, I was so busy doing running and my Dad went to the ER.

Saturday, I had to work. Work was, for lack of a better term, hell. I was in back to back visits, and then I had a Staff meeting, culminating in a 10 hour day. But, at least my Dad was released from the hospital!

And Sunday. Oh Sunday, I hated you. We (me, lil man, and the hubby) attended a friend's son's (we will call him G) birthday party. At first, everything was totally normal, but when G started opening his presents, lil man had a full on meltdown, yelling and crying that it was his birthday and he wanted to open the presents too. OMG! If you have kids, and one of them has ever had a meltdown in the middle of Wal-Mart, just imagine all the stares multiplied by 1000. Yeah, that bad. We were definitely the party crashers. In all fairness, because of Saturday, lil man's schedule was so screwed up, and he didn't get a nap, therefore the next day (Sunday) was hell.

But we got this cute lil pic, which was taken before the present meltdown.

And then there's today (Monday).... It snowed in Northwest Indiana... Everyone around me is jumping for joy, and I'm over here cursing the damn weather man. Why? 1. It's too damn early in November to be snowing. 2. I now have to crap enough money for a new set of tires out of my bum. We have been saying that we needed to get at least two before it snows for our Trailblazer since like May, and now it's one of those things that are of great importance. 3. I hate driving in the winter.
Yeah, so that was my weekend... And you should head on over to Sami's Blog to see some more Weekend Shenanigans!!!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. LMAO @ the meltdown!!!! Bahahahaha!!!!! Is your Dad doing okay??? It snowed here (MI) yesterday, too. I had to scrape my car when I left work. Rude.

    1. My Dad's doing good now. Thanks for asking :) Gosh, I would love to be in MI for the snow! I love snow, but it's just too damn early for it.


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