Ten Random Facts

Since last Thursday, I shared a quiz that I had found, I have decided to make Thursdays "All About Me Thursdays"! Yeah, I know that this blog is basically my thoughts and feelings about particular subjects, but I don't really talk about me in depth, and some things are just better in lists.

BTW: This list was inspired by the Facebook "Random things you don't know about me" status posts.

one... I met my husband at a bar. Don't judge! And here's why: we were engaged a year after our first date, married less than nine months after that, found out I was pregnant three months later, and had lil man fourteen days after our first wedding anniversary. All in all, we have been together for almost six years (this month) and married for four.
two... I am a child of divorce and remarriage. I haven't seen to my biological Dad since my honeymoon. And before that it was like three years.
*If I ever refer to my Dad in posts, I am referring to my Step-Dad.*
three... The three hardest things in my life have been my parent's divorce, my Great-Grandmother's death, and my Step-Grandpa's funeral.
four... I have one child, and I don't plan on having anymore anytime soon.
five... I have know my bestie for 15 years.
six... My favorite colors are pink and blue.
seven... I have a slight obsession with all things moose, owl, penguin and polar bear.
eight... I have a love for photography. I love printing out un-posed pictures and putting them up around the house.
nine... I never leave the house without mascara.
ten... I am not a "this or that" type of person. I always try to find the good in other people, and color outside the lines.
Hope you enjoyed!!!
See you tomorrow for my five highs of the week post!!

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  1. This was nice! Since I'm newer to your blog it helps give a better picture of the woman behind it! :)


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