Investing in your brand

In the words of Callie Torres, "You gatta invest in your brand." And that means what precisely? To me, it means being the best version of yourself you can be. Wait, that's a line of bull. Nobody is perfect, but investing in your brand really means "being honest about who you really are and putting yourself out there".

This blog has given me that opportunity. I am able to write whatever I want, whether it be happy, sad, embarrassing, or opinioned, and not care who reads it, because I am just a girl named Tabitha in Northwest Indiana that has one lonely blog in the middle of millions.

But... this is my blog, it's not my diary, and it's a reflection of me. (BTW, I seriously love each and everyone who reads this lil blog, because without you, I would be talking to an imaginary friend, and that would be kinda awkward...)

This concept of mine may also be the reason that I have linked my personal Instagram and Twitter accounts for all of you, just a little FYI.

I am a brutally honest type of person, that only sugar coats when I deem it necessary. I am a recovering don't-think-before-I-speak kinda gal (I hurt too many feelings, and it got a lil lonely), but I know who I am.

I am Tabitha. I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. I am far from perfect. I am a Grad student who procrastinates way too much. I misspell words. I have a really bad memory. I love pink. I am opinionated. I am sarcastic. I make mistakes. I am honest when need be. I hold stuff in until something triggers me, and my cork pops unleashing all hell onto whoever triggered it in the first place. I hold grudges. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am not into airing dirty laundry. I take too many pictures. I am an animal lover. I believe in equal rights for everyone. I have flaws.

Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I laugh.  Sometimes I'm scared. Sometimes I am an emotional train wreck. I am not made of stone and I do have feelings. Sometimes I say things that are totally out of left field, and live in "Tabby World." Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I'm shy. Sometimes I'm annoying. Sometimes I question other's decisions. Sometimes I ask for advice, because even though I am totally awesome, I don't actually know everything little thing that there is to know. Sometimes I daydream. Sometimes I overthink a situation. Sometimes I spend too much time on the computer, too much money at the store, and too many hours watching TV.

So what's my point?

Always be yourself. No matter what or who you are, then you should try to be that. Don't lie about who you are to appease others. And stop judging each other.

We are not living in a world made of rainbows and fluffy pink unicorns, so why act like we are?

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