Sunday Social {11-17-13}

Happy Sunday Friends!! It's time for Sunday Social... where your blog gets social!

Apparently this week's Sunday Social's favorite number is 4... :)

Name four jobs you've had in your life
CNA, Cashier, Direct Support Professional, Visit Supervisor
Name four movies that you could watch over and over
Cars, How to Train Your Dragon, Monsters Inc. & Inception
Name four places that you have lived
I have only lived in the Northwest Indiana area, but have plans to change that soon.
Name four of your favorite foods
Yogurt, grapes, almost anything fried & ice cream
Name four things that you always carry with you
 Phone, wallet, lip balm & gum
Name four places that you have been on vacation
Las Vegas, New Orleans, Indianapolis & Wisconsin

I guess this post was sort of another getting to know me post, but Hey, you like those, right :) I promise to have something of substance for you tomorrow!


  1. Hahahah... I love how Inception randomly sneaked into the mix there!

  2. I love the get to know you type posts! Where are you planning to move to? Just stopping by from the link up to say hi!

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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