New favorite beauty products

Hey all you lovely people!

I know it's been a minute, but I wanted to stop by and tell you about some new beauty products that I recently discovered and I AM LOVING!

1. Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

Truth be told, I was trying the whole Olaplex system (pre-wash, shampoo, conditioner... the works) for about two months, and then I stopped. I stopped because 1) it's super expensive, and 2) it wasn't helping my hair at all. Other things were happening, but I plan on doing a blog post about that soon.

ANYWAYS, the one product that I did fall in love with was the Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil. I love how it makes my hair feel so silky, tames my flyaways, and speeds up my drying time. It's perfect! I can even put it in my wet hair, and air dry it, then flat iron in the morning, and it gives me the same results!


2. Living Proof Triple Bond Complex Leave-in Hair Treatment

I follow a gal on Insta that tried this and loved it, so I wanted to give it a try since it's pretty new to the market. Boy, is it expensive!!! BUT IT IS WORTH IT!! I bought the mini size, and I barely use any- like a nickle size on my hair once a week after showering. After using it for 3 weeks now, I can feel a difference. My hair actually feels stronger and shinier, and the product itself actually smells good too!

3. amika The Kure Bond Repair Shampoo for Damaged Hair

I have some fine and damaged hair, and I have tried a few different products to remedy that. The one product system that I have found that has helped is the amika The Kure Bond Repair Shampoo for Damaged Hair. It is a bond-repair shampoo that has been "clinically shown to repair and strengthen strands damaged by everyday stressors, heat, and chemical treatments". When I use it, I don't get as much hair fall out in the shower, my hair feels better, and I feel as it I don't have as much breakage. A plus side is that I can tell that it is a high end shampoo, because I don't have to use very much to get a good lather.

4. amika The Kure Bond Repair Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Along with the shampoo, I love using the conditioner, also. It doesn't really have a smell, but I can feel the difference between the amika and my other conditioners. It don't feel as slick, make my hair as greasy as quickly, don't produce as much fall out in the shower, or as much fall out after the shower.

5. Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Conditioner for Damaged Hair

To help with rebuilding the damage in my hair, I have been using a bonding leave-in. It has a clean fresh smell, and a little goes a long way with this stuff. The leave-in also provides heat protection, which I need.

6. Dermelect Revital Oil Nail Cuticle Treatment

I am all about the cuticle oil when it comes to my nails, and I recently discovered Dermelect. This cuticle oil features keratin protein peptide in a water base and a cuticle oil complex consisting of jojoba, citrus (orange and lemon), argan oils coupled with shea butter and coffee bean extract. With just a shake, the active ingredients in revital-oil combine. I love this stuff! It smells great!

7. Dermelect Phyto Strong Natural Nail Duo

I am a recovering nail bitter, so I tend to use higher end products on my nails because they have been breaking and are dry and brittle. ENTER Dermelect. The Phyto Strong Natural Nail Duo features "a phyto strong toxin-free, plant based nail hardener base coat and solar active top coat provide a clean solution for a chip-free, shine boosting manicure". I love the duo and my nails do too!

Have you discovered any new beauty products that you are loving?

New favorite beauty products

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