Thirsty Thursday | June book recap

Hello Lovelies! 

I read a total of 6 books in June. I didn't stick with a certain troupe, but they were all romance and fiction. This month, I am going to give a synopsis along with my review, and I am going to put my ratings in order (5*-1*). 

How I read
I read on Kindle Unlimited, and I do that for a few reasons: 1) convenience- the books are literally at the tip of my fingers, and 2) it's cheaper. Kindle Unlimited is only $10 a month and it works like the library- you borrow a book and then return it. You can have up to 20 books in your "library" at a time, which does not include the books you do buy. You can still buy Kindle copies of books and there are a bunch of authors that offer Kindle Unlimited books.

This month I read Kindle Unlimited, like usual; but I also read one paperback. I also bought a few paperback copies of books, so I hope to showcase them soon!

The rating system
  • 1* Eh, not memorable
  • 2* Just ok.
  • 3* Good book, definitely recommend reading.
  • 4* Great book, can live without a print copy.
  • 5* Wow, would read again. Probably will get a print copy for my library at home.

Kindle Unlimited

*Please read any and all trigger warnings before diving into any of my read books*

Bradford Bastard- Sheridan Anne // 4*

Bradford Bastard is an enemies to lovers, high school romance. Brielle goes to a party and finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. So in her misery, she winds up spilling beer on some popular guy from another school and making a lewd joke about him and his friend. Then Brielle's mother up and moves her to a rich neighborhood and there she meets the boy next door, who just so happens to be the guy she spilled the beer on! After some time, Brielle and Tanner start this game of leaving messages written in lipstick on each other's walls and mirrors. They both act like they hate each other, but they soon soften!!

My Review
I loved everything about this book! That first chapter! OMG!! I was hooked from there! The chemistry between Brielle and Tanner blew me away and when they finally got together it was fire!

Sexy Beast (Kings of Cypress Pointe Book 6)- Rachel Jonas // 4*

Sexy Beast is a mafia romance. Dez is trying to figure out who murdered her father so she goes to a party to find Ricky, the kingpin of the Ruiz family. They wind up sleeping together and a month later a picture of her buying a pregnancy test is reveled on social media. Ricky shows up in Dez's apartment and the rest is history. 

My review
Ricky is an alpha through and through, and he is fiercely loyal too! I love his character! I also love how independent Dez is, but when she finally let's Ricky in, the two are fire! The spicy scenes were amazing, and I loved watching Ricky and Dez fall in love! 

Stolen by a Sinner- Michelle Heard // 3*

Stolen by a Sinner is a mafia romance. Lara is a maid for the Polish mafia when Gabriel, the head of the Turkish mafia breaks in and tries to get to the head of the Polish mafia. Lara is shot twice, and Gabriel decides to take her with them because she may have some useful information. While Lara is recovering, Gabriel questions her. He finds out that she has been abused her whole life, so once she recovers, he gives her a job to keep her close. Lara goes from being really scared of Gabriel to being in love with him. Gabriel eventually starts to return her feelings. 

My Review
I thought the story was really sweet with Gabriel and Lara. I loved the spicy scenes and the way that Gabriel was gentle with Lara, knowing that he was her first for everything romantically.

Bloody Princess: A Dark Enemies to Lovers College Romance (Sweetest Revenge Book 1)- Helen Scott & Zoey Shelby // 3*

Bloody Princess is a dark romance with a side of reverse harem. The FMC, Lyric, goes to college to investigate her older sister's death, and in order to do that she needs to become friends with her older sister's friends- 3 guys from wealthy families. She also believes that either one of them, or even all of them, had a hand in her sister's death.

My Review
I liked the story, to be honest, even though there wasn't very much smut going on... and you know your girl likes her smut. However, I did like the chemistry between Lyric and the guys! I think that with the way that book 1 ended, I will be reading book 2, because I have a feeling that the plot is going to get even better!!

Corrupt Educator: A Dark Forbidden Mafia Academy Romance (The Syndicate Academy)- Bianca Cole // 2*

Corrupt Educator is an age gap, mafia story. Eva is the only surviving heir in her mafia family and her parents send her to school at The Syndicate Academy, where Oak is the principal. Eva doesn't want to have anything to do with the mafia and plans to run away once she is done with school. Oak has a vendetta against Eva's family and thinks that he can use her to get back at them. 

My Review
The book was just ok for me. I mean, I was neutral on the whole book. I did like the spicy scenes, those were good, but other than that, the story was just ok.

Physical copies of books

*Please read any and all trigger warnings before diving into any of my read books*

Desperate Measures (Wicked Villains Book 1)- Katee Robert // 5*

Desperate Measures is an enemies to lovers romance with a BDSM twist and has a Daddy kink. It is a retelling of Aladdin, but in this story, our main characters are Jasmine and Jafar, with Ali being the bad guy. 

My Review
I really liked the story! The chemistry between Jasmine and Jafar blew me away! In the beginning, I really didn't see the chemistry, but as the book continued, you could see it grow. I didn't like that the smut started so early on and then there was nothing for awhile. I mean, at least continue it, ya know! Or don't start it so early!! Lastly, I loved how fierce Jasmine became at the end! And of course the Daddy kink was unexpected, but a fun addition!!

#1 FAVORITE BOOK this month: 

Desperate Measures- Katee Robert

Did you read any good books in June?

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