9 trendy rings YOU NEED now

I wouldn't say that I am a trend setter, but I know what I like. Especially when it comes to jewelry. I love wearing dainty and delicate pieces that are on trend, but also timeless. I love necklaces that can be layered and rings that can be stacked. Period.

Currently I have an obsession with rings. I love wearing them on my ring and pointer fingers for some reason. But whatev! HAHA. Anyways, since I love rings so much, I wanted to share with you 9 of my favorite rings that are on trend and timeless. Bonus: ALL of the following rings are from Amazon and pretty inexpensive!

Comes in sizes 4-12 and includes 3 rings: a dainty bezel cz, heart, and twisted. This stack is cute, and each ring is wearable by itself. 
*I love stacking rings, and this stack is nice! I love how dainty all the rings are!

2 // espere Milgrain Marquise & Round Cubic Zirconia Half Eternity Ring Stacking Infinity Wedding Band $17.99
A timeless design, the ring is sterling silver 925, comes in sizes 3.5-10.5, and is also available in three colors: silver, gold, & rose gold. 
*I have two of these rings and they complement my wedding ring so well!

These rings are beautiful! The set comes with 4 stainless steel 2mm rings- a trendy x ring with cz, wedding band, a stardust band, and a designed wedding band. The set comes in sizes 4-10 and in silver and rose gold. 
*I bought this set for the x ring because I couldn't find one in a size 10 and wasn't disappointed!

A sweet and cute design, this ring comes in sizes 4-12 and is only available in silver. 
*I bought this ring to go on my right pointer finger and it is sooo comfortable!

Coming in sizes 3-12 (and half sizes), with stainless steel, and lab-created opal, this ring is beautiful!
*I wear this on my left pointer finger and it is VERY comfortable!

In sizes 4-12, this ring is sterling silver, and has the cutest little feather design.
*I interchange this with the opal one above and it is so comfortable and CUTE!

Coming in sizes 5-10 and silver, gold, and rose gold, this ring is delicate and dainty. It is sterling silver over brass, but the opal orb is beautiful.
*I have been wearing this ring for a little over a year now, and it still looks like it did the day I got it.

18k gold plated over brass, this ring comes in sizes 5-10 and in gold, rose gold, and silver. It is another dainty ring, but looks pretty cool! Plus it's a mood ring!!!!
*I stack this with the Opal Orb and the tiny Baguette Crystal ring for a completed look. I have been wearing this ring for a little over a year now, and have yet to have my finger turn green or for the plating to wear off.

18k gold plated or sterling silver plated over brass, this ring comes in sizes 5-10, and in silver, gold, and rose gold. Some of the sizes aren't available in all colors, but this ring is just so beautiful and delicate!
*I have been wearing this ring in silver for a little over a year now, and it still has the same look as when I got it.

Do you like rings? What's your taste in jewelry like? Tell me about it!



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