Madison Reed Radiant hair color review

About two years ago I finally made the choice to start shopping cruelty-free when it comes to beauty. It just hurts my heart that poor little animals have to go through so much pain so I can look pretty. And with all the technology out there, there is no need for animal testing anymore. But before I get into a tangent, I have to share with you my newest discovery... Madison Reed hair color

Ok, to be frank, I have known about Madison Reed for awhile now, considering that I gave them a shout out when I explained the do's and don't of color care, but this is the first time that I have actually given them a try.


Madison Reed is an at home hair coloring company that gives you salon quality hair color in the privacy of your own home. Their products are cruelty-free, ammonia free, gluten free, paraben free, titanium dioxide free, and ppd free. Also, if you ever think of any other harmful ingredients, then Madison Reed probably does NOT have them. You want to know what they do have? Keratin, honey, 4 different oils, and Ginseng Root Extract. You know, the good stuff. 

Madison Reed offers almost 50 different shades of permanent hair color to fit anyone's personal needs. They also carry shampoo and conditioner, a before color primer, hair styling products, color gloss, and root touchup products. 

where to buy & price

Madison Reed is available online or at Ulta (which has a limited amount of shades), and retails between $19.95-24.95. BUT if you order through this link, you can get $15 off. 

my experience

In short, my experience was a great one; but let me talk you through it.

First of all, the packaging was not like the regular box dyes you find at the store. No, it was more professional looking and what was in the inside... oh man- box dyes do not compare. 

The kit contained not one, but two pairs of latex gloves (the NICE kind), a cap to cover your dying hair, a barrier cream, a cleansing wipe, the hair color and activator, two packets which contained shampoo and conditioner from the brand, and of course, the instruction pamphlet.


Secondly, Madison Reed made it so easy to follow the directions and to dye my hair. 

First, I put the barrier cream on my hair line, then I mixed the dye and activator, then put the dye on my hair, and covered my hair with the cap. After wards, I used the cleansing wipe to wipe off any excess dye, and after the time was up, I showered and washed and conditioned my hair.

my results

 Here's some before and afters --->


And I am IN LOVE with the results!

No, it's not an extreme change, but I do love how my hair looks and feels. It feels healthy and looks pretty! AND I would definitely use it again!

Have you ever tried Madison Reed Radiant hair color?
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