my change to a cruelty free lifestyle

Around mid-2016, I started thinking about the whole idea of cruelty-free products and the possibility of becoming vegan. Unfortunately, due to my love of cheese and ice cream, I am not ready to make a diet change like cutting out all animal products/by-products, but I am ready to start living a semi-cruelty-free-lifestyle.

Vegan, cruelty-free beauty

A semi-cruelty-free lifestyle

What I actually mean by a semi-cruelty-free lifestyle is to start thinking like a vegan, but to allow myself to gradually "give up" or learn to live without certain foods. 

I was reading on a Vegan blog that one of the easiest ways to transition to a Vegan lifestyle, is to do it slowly. I agree with the idea, which is to cut out the meat that you won't miss and then gradually start cutting out other animal products. For me, that's perfect. I already don't eat lamb, veal, duck, and I'm very picky on the fish I eat; but for the past few months, I have also started cutting out beef. I don't eat a lot of beef (only the Taco Bell beef in the tacos- but are we actually sure it's beef?), and I don't crave steak. So, instead of eating beef, I have started eating more chicken. I do drink a little bit of milk, eat ice cream, cheese, cottage cheese, and other dairy products. Meat wise, I do eat ham/pork, chicken, and turkey. For me, it's going to be a slow change, but hey, at least it's happening, right? 

Funny thing is: this past Memorial Day, my parents cooked burgers and beef hot dogs on the grill and my mom made chicken breasts especially for me. :) 

Besides eating habits, other changes that I am going to have to make are: 

1. Beauty wise

The EASIEST thing for me is to start buying cruelty-free beauty products, especially makeup. For me, I really hate the idea of animal testing, and it sickens me that little helpless bunnies and puppies have to endure pain so I can look beautiful. There is no reason for all of that. The nice thing is that there are so many resources out there talking about cruelty-free beauty and a lot of companies are starting to join the movement also.

The nice thing is that a few of the brands that I really love and use everyday like Urban Decay, Paul Mitchell, and Ole Henriksen, are already cruelty-free. Unfortunately I still do use some products that are not, but I will be phasing them out once I find a suitable replacement.

*Also, when I promote a certain product via review or a sponsored post, I ALWAYS make sure that the brand is cruelty-free. Yes, there are some products that are NOT cruelty-free, but most of those products are one that I have been using for quite some time and have not been able to find a suitable replacement. 

2. Clothing wise

When I think about a cruelty-free approach to clothing, there are a few factors that I need to think about. The first and most important part is the product, i.e. silk, wool; but the second part, is thinking about animal by-products like down feathers, leather, fur, suede, etc.

The easiest things to stop using in this category are silk, wool, leather, and fur, because I really don't like the idea of wearing fur. Personally I think that it is kinda tacky. The only leather that I usually have around me, is the leather on my purses or dog collar (Ellie's, not mine...), so it's easy to make a change concerning that by-product. Unfortunately, that means that 1) I am going to have to get rid of most, if not all of my Coach purses and 2) buy a new dog collar for Ellie (which is already in the works).

Unfortunately, I still have some issues with the suede and down feathers. Even though I don't really wear suede, I do have a pair of boots that are suede and my couch is made of suede; and I really believe that one of my pillows may be filled with down feathers... and I don't exactly have the money to replace the couch just yet. 

3. Animal Entertainment wise

In researching Veganism, I came across an article talking about animals as entertainment, which means that circuses and rodeos are out, if I want to fully pursue what I am talking about. I have been to a few circuses in my life, but after reading about the cruelty to elephants, tigers, bears, etc, I started to boycot them. My main concern is the fact that zoos and aquariums could be considered "animals as entertainment". I personally love the idea of zoos for one reasons: conservation. And I will continue to support the zoos that are free and are there for the animals- not like Seaworld. They can go where the sun don't shine. 

Well, I know that becoming Vegan is going to be hard for me, but it's something that I really want to do. I love all animals and believe that they shouldn't have to die for us. So wish me luck with my change!

Have you ever thought about a cruelty-free lifestyle?
Are you vegan?

vegan, cruelty-free beauty

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