10 ways to keep your sanity in grad school

Ah, grad school. Yeah, that's where all the highlighters go to die. Where you will loose endless nights of sleep. Where you will have no more social life....

So, yeah, I'm in grad school again. Yep, for the second time. Sheesh, I must be out of my mind, batsh*t insane to do this again... Anyways, Since I started a few weeks ago (like mid-August), I wanted to take some time and remember how I didn't loose my mind last time. And then share those little tidbits with you.

grad school

1. Check your school's site often

In grad school, a lot of the programs are online, so professors are always adding announcements about different things like syllabus changes and assignments. Checking your school's site often is the number one thing to do if you don't want to be left in the dark.

2. Keep your planner's separate

If you are a planner person, like me, you have a few different planners. I actually have three- one for everyday life, one for blogging, and one for school. In the school one, I have ALL of my assignments written on the due dates. It helps to keep the school one separate from the everyday life one. Sure, I will write the number of the class and something like "paper due" or "discussion board", but nothing like the nitty gritty.

3. Start papers early

And I don't mean like the day they are due "early"! For me, I have something due like each week and it's usually a paper or practice quiz. For the papers, I am trying my darnedest to not procrastinate with them. I mean, I'm no spring chicken and my brain doesn't work like that anymore. You know? Anyways, the idea is that you NEED to start your papers early. I'm not saying that you need to start like a month early and write a rough draft of your final paper, but I am saying that maybe you need to start the paper that is due next week, or at least start researching the paper due in three weeks. You will thank me later. 

4. Read, read, read

If you like reading, then grad school is for you! There is so much to read! I mean, every class usually has two textbooks, and then the chapters are sooo long and then there is the highlighting and UGH! But you know what that reading will get you? An A in the class! So just keep up with your reading and highlighting. 

5. Set a time aside each day to do your work

The one think that I have never been able to do is set time aside each day to do my work- I always choose a day on the weekend to do it. My way has sucked for awhile now and I always feel rushed. Don't be like me.

grad school

6. Highlight the IMPORTANT stuff

This is a duh thing, but it's an important one too. While reading through your weekly readings, highlight the crap out of whatever you think is important. So when it comes time to study for the test, or look for answers in an open book test, you know just where to look.

7. Keep notes of what was on the tests/quizzes

Since my quizzes allow multiple attempts, I always write down what was on the quizzes and the right answers, so I can use them as a study tool later on.

8. Understand that MLA and APA are NOT the same

Whatever your school uses- mine uses APA- learn it, use it, and learn it some more. Grad school papers are hard and the instructors will grade you on your writing knowledge; so just remember to know your sh*t, or at least know where to find some really good examples.

9. Plagerizism is B.A.D.

I repeat PLAGERIZISM IS VERY BAD. So don't do it. Plus most schools have a plagerizism checking software where you upload your paper and it checks it, and well if your stuff is not cited using what ever you need to use to cite, then your grade outlook is not good. 

10. Remember that grad school is not like undergrad

In undergrad, I was a mess. AND I'm not talking like a hot mess. I was that person who procrastinated way tooo much, and got by by the seat of my pants. AND I am talking actual pants, not yoga pants. Just know that you are going to put in the work, like really work. But I promise you that it's only for a few years.

Grad school is no joke, but thankfully I have found 10 ways to keep my sanity. How do you keep your sanity in grad school or school in general?

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