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And it's Monday... the most hated day of the week. Honestly, I usually love the freshness of a new beginning (aka new week), but life around these parts has been a little odd, to say the least. In August, I was in a car accident, and after over a month off of work, I finally went back part-time last month. I am in physical therapy, and I am not a hundred percent better, yet, but I am getting there. So in light of the growing headache that I currently have, I wanted to do something a little light and airy and tell you about some of the things that I have been loving lately...

+ I really want these boots from Maurices. Not only are they wide calf, but they are also budget friendly.

+ I love to look up reviews on beauty product before I buy them, and I really love this site. Bonus: it has more than just beauty products!

+ When at Ulta the other day, I picked up this sampler pack. OMG! I fell in love with first use. Not only are the products cruelty-free, but they are also free of all the icky stuff! I will be doing a review on the products here in the near future.

+ A friend sent the Lil Man this scientist kit for his birthday, and we finally tried it out. Not only is it safe for kids, but it was so cool!!

+ Speaking of science projects, I also found this little project on Pinterest. Let's just say is was COOL!

+ I'm redoing the bathroom, so these printables would be perfect!

+ Are you a blogger and need a media kit so you can connect with brands? This freebie is perfect for you!

Happy Monday... 
time to get some tylenol.


  1. I LOVE reading reviews on beauty products before I buy them so that site is a MUST! Scientist kits and cute things like that that allow the kids to have fun and learn are so great!

  2. Hi Tabitha!

    Thank you so much for linking to my media kit! I appreciate it tons!


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