diy makeup brush cleaning bowl on a budget

I have a pretty extensive and expensive makeup brush collection, but I hate the cleaning part. When looking on Pinterest for something to help me clean my makeup brushes (because I'm not made of money), I kept coming across a tutorial for a brush cleaning mat dupe featuring a paper plate. I thought about making it, but to be honest- I really didn't like it for one reason: it's not reusable. Basically, the paper plate would be unusable after one use and that isn't exactly good for the environment. I continued to look around at different diys, but never found anything I liked. So, I decided to diy my own makeup brush cleaning bowl for under $5. 

Materials needed:


  • Wash & dry plastic bowl.
  • Warm up hot glue gun. 
  • Once hot glue gun is hot, make designs with the glue in the bottom of the bowl (and halfway up the sides)
  • Let glue dry. 
  • Clean those dirty makeup brushes!!


*Before I picked up the bowl I used from Menards, I also looked at some of the Porcelain bowls from Target. They were cute, but for me, it just wasn't kid friendly.  
*There is also a cute diy featuring a clipboard on Pinterest.

I really hope this tutorial helps you out, because when it comes to makeup brushes, you have to be cleanly with them. Why? Well, because makeup brushes not only have caked on makeup, but they can harbor bacteria. I have seen the repercussions of not cleaning your makeup brushes- and I NEVER want to go through that again! 

Did you like this DIY? Do you want to see more?
How do you clean your makeup brushes?


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