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Well, it's March. No surprise there. But to be honest, is any one else also trying to figure out where the heck February went? Or how we are already in the third month of 2017? I know it's cliche but it seriously feels like we were just posting pics on Insta of toasts and champagne celebrating New Year's, and now today is the first day of Lent. What the heck?

Sure, since it's March, it means that Spring is right around the corner (hopefully...), and then onto the warmer days, bonfires, beaches, and flip flop weather of Summer; so it's not all bad, right? I mean, this month I am looking forward to a lot of things... like my much anticipated tax return, Lil Man's Spring Break, a full time job (hopefully), a lot of cleaning, and so much more. 

Blog wise, March is going to be a very exciting month!

I have a drugstore beauty product haul coming for you, and guess what? All of the items are cruelty free! I am going to talk about my slow integration into a semi-vegan-but-definitely-cruelty-free lifestyle, and finally start my travel series. Finally I am going to let you in on how school is for a child with ADHD, and to get a bit personal, write about my experience with saying yes to medication for my depression

This month I am also going to talk a bit about blogging by highlighting five things to do for your blog when you don't feel like blogging and showing off my favorite fonts. To finish out the month, I have a few sponsored posts, my monthly beauty favorites, and I'm revealing my Create 365 Happy Planner

This month is going to be busy, huh?! 

To start off the month right, I wanted to recap my goals, and the one reason that I am going to add it to my "letter from the editor" is this: it's easier :) 

Anyways, March's focus is going to be about blog posts. In February, I was really concerned about growing my social media, and even thought I was consistently posting here on the blog, out of 10 posts, almost half of them were sponsored. Yes, a sponsored post is awesome, but I don't want to keep advertising things, you know. I have a lot of knowledge, and I would rather share that.

February Goals Recap

  • Start a new book Fail
  • Organize all pictures/documents on computer: pictures by year, docs by type Success
  • Organize blog folder on computer; make a folder for different categories: posts in progress, Pinterest images, design, free stock, etc Success
  • Take bags to goodwill Success
  • List clothes on Facebook, Mecari Success- I listed on Mecari
  • Make list of bills each month Success
  • Organize desk Fail

  • Make Pinterest templates for Photoshop (so I can use my new title font) Half & Half- I am using a combination of Photoshop & Canva
  • Print out blog binder printables- think of post surrounding the printables (get sources for the printables too) Success
  • Grow Facebook to 1000 likes Fail As of right now, I am 10 away :( 
  • Perfect my pitch letter Fail
  • Update media kit Success
  • Start a new series highlighting travel Fail

March Goals

  • Start a new book (yes, again)
  • Participate in #40bagsin40days challenge on Insta
  • Steam Clean the house
  • Make a cleaning list/schedule
  • Write out budget; cut where necessary
  • Organize desk & make a "home" binder

  • Work with 2 companies
  • Send out newsletter
  • Perfect my pitch letter
  • Figure out blogging schedule
  • Try to write 3 posts ahead
  • Facebook 1000 likes, Instagram 1300 followers, Twitter 1415

It's going to be a GREAT month! 
What are your goals for March?

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