Friday confessions

Happy Friday friends! I really love doing recap posts on Fridays, because it's a nice way to put the last week into perspective, and see what I've done. This week is going to be a little bit of a confessional, because honestly, this week hasn't been the best...

one //  I've been trying my hand at flat-lay (which isn't very easy), and I am obsessed with this wood background that I have been using (see above). I love that it's simple and understated. I have even been using it for my Etsy Shop.

two //  I have been feeling a little discouraged lately about three things: my Etsy shop and the mailing list.

I am not seeing any growth in my email list, and I am wondering if it's because I am not promoting it enough? I am also wondering if it's worth it to send out emails every time I post, or if I should just send a weekly email highlighting my posts? I have been working do hard on the design, and the free printables, and I feel like I'm doing it for nothing.

I also haven't sold anything in the Etsy shop, and I have no idea why. Is there any way that you can go check it out, and give me some feedback? Please. I love to make jewelry and paint the glassware- it gives me some peace in this hectic world, and I don't want to just close up the shop, because I'm doing horrible.

three // Mine & the hubby's 7 year wedding anniversary is coming up and I am looking at upgrading my ring set. A few months ago, my original set got too tight on my finger, so I looked online and found a girl selling a cz set for like $40 and grabbed it. I really love the style, and want to upgrade to this set. And on the subject of jewelry, I am going to be buying this necklace in the near future.

four // I'm not sure how I like the whole Instagram stories yet... I mean, it's almost the exact same as Snapchat, but it does have some pretty nice features. It has a better picture (at least for me), faster upload time, and a higher reach (maybe) but I just don't get how there is a need to fix something that isn't broke. Instagram is a photo app- not a video app- that's Snapchat. Please just stop trying to "upgrade" Instagram, we all love you as you are. At least when you don't have any bugs. 

five // On Wednesday night, my parent's dog (which was the sister to my Duce Moose) passed away. She had the same disease as Duce, but she had been going down hill for the past few months. She will be dearly missed by my whole family. 

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