August Goals

Can anyone else believe that it's already August? It's crazy to think that seven months of this year has flown by so fast! So, July wasn't a bad month for me. I worked my last day as a tutor in juvenile detention, went back to a job that I loved, spent alot of time in the pool, and so much more, which you can read here >> Goodbye to July (& freebie Friday)

August blog goals

July Goals Recap

Personal Goals
  • Get my hair cut. Dying not necessary. SUCCESS I went to get a hair cut, and boy does it feel so much better!
  • Find a cheaper shampoo & conditioner FAIL But I have tried the new Garnier and a L'Oreal one, unfortunately neither of them came close to Pureology. I may just go back to Redken (it's a little cheaper)
  • Create a chore chart for Lil Man SUCCESS Instead of actually making/creating one, I bought a cute little pre-made chore chart white board at Target
  • Buy tablet for Lil Man FAIL Lil man had broken the tablet that he had orignally had, and after talking with Amazon, they returned it for a partial refund. 
  • Add two new designs to the Etsy Shop SUCCESS I had a lot of fun with the designs and I actually posted 4 of them here, here, here, and here. *If you are interested in any of the designs, use SUNFUN30 for 30% off of everything!

Goals accomplished: 3 out of 5 or 60%

Blog Goals
  • Decide how I feel about the whole niche blogging... do I want one or just to be classified as lifestyle blogger? FAIL I haven't decided how I feel yet, because I kinda like being a lifestyle blogger. I have finally narrowed my topics down to 5 categories: life, blogging tips, motherhood/parenting, beauty & style, and diy. I am also getting into a more routine posting schedule. 
  • Post 3-4 times a week Half & Half Since it was July, and summer was in full swing, I was only posting 2-3 times. 
  • Schedule posts ahead of time (Saturday & Sunday is an optimal time) SUCESS I scheduled all of my July posts and even scheduled tweets!
  • Contact a photography and price head shots FAIL I kinda decided that I don't want actual head shots just yet... maybe later..
  • Build Twitter (910) & Facebook (600) SUCCESS See my social media stats below
  • Increase Instagram to 1000 followers SUCCESS Did you see my post celebrating?
  • Build email subscriber list FAIL I am not sure what exactly I am doing wrong, but I plan to figure it out and fix it!
  • Launch ebook SUCCESS I incorporated into the mailing list, so if you sign up, you get a FREE 25 beauty tips & tricks ebook. I am also trying to get a few printables up and running right now. 

Goals accomplished: 4 out of 8 or 50%

Social Media Stats
as of May 2016 June 2016 July 2016

Average posts per week: 3-5

Twitter:      893     896     1089
Instagram:  735     952    1016
Bloglovin': 697     889     901
Pinterest: 654        833     845
Facebook: 575      588     625


What I learned in July

In looking at my goals, I am not pleased with myself. Sure, I am grateful for the jump in social media stats, and the increased engagement, but I would love more organic growth, not just giveaway growth (if that's even a term). I am also am disappointed that I didn't achieve a higher completion rate for my goals overall. But, it happens. I am still trying to get my motivation in check- since I quit my job at the beginning of the month, I have be severely slacking. I have less than three weeks to get my son school ready, and honestly, I am freaking out. I have been more concerned on where the money is coming from, rather that learning to rely on just my hubby's income, and that is really stressful. I am, however, enjoying the time home with my son. He does make me laugh, and is very helpful when I need him to be. 


August Goals

  • Buy Lil Man a Tablet 
  • Have one date night or date day with hubby 
  • Take Ellie for her rabies shot (I know I sound like a bad pet owner on this one, but she's an inside dog, and I have been putting it off) 

  • Hit 100 likes on a photo on Instagram- I am so close on this one 
  • Obtain 3 new email subscribers 
  • Grow: Twitter 1100; Instagram 1030; Bloglovin 910; Pinterest 855; Facebook 630 
  • Research, buy, & install a new blog design. 
  • Write my first income report 
  • Develop a media kit 
  • Research SEO

August is going to be about growing the blog again. In July, my social media stats jumped, and that was awesome, but now I am wanting to focus on views. I am still aiming for a more aesthetically pleasing area (hence the link color changes), and thinking about what I can do to bring the people. I also have alot of post ideas swimming around in my head- like another freebie Friday- so I am kinda excited!

Do you have any goals for August? What are they?

*Photo Credit: Ashley Ella Design
*Linking up with My So Called Chaos & Elegantly Fashionable

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