hey there Friday!

And we are back at Friday again! I'm doing a little happy dance over here cause other than the massive back pain that I have been having, something really AWESOME happened!

So things going on in my life... 

I am planning on posting about this next week, but in a nutshell: I emailed Ariana Huffington directly, received a response within three hours, received login information two days later, and then published that day! Seriously within three days, I was published. Its been a whirlwind, and I feel awesome! 

2. The Indiana Primary was on Tuesday.
I worked the polls in a local precinct, and my day was LONG! But it was worth it- I felt like I was doing my civic duty. Sure, I'm not happy that Trump won Indiana by such a large margin, but hey hey, go Bernie! 

3. My wedding rings have been replaced. 
My actual wedding rings were getting too tight on my finger, so instead of spending upwards of $60 or more to add a size, I went the fake route and grabbed a cz/sterling silver set. I really like it, and I'm actually considering upgrading to a set like it. 

4. Mother's day is just around the corner.
And I may have found the PERFECT card for my mom. Sure, I am just kidding, and I would never seriously give it to her, but just the thought cracks me up. 

5. Little girl turned 5 months this month.
Ellie is now officially five months, and still as cute as a button!

How was your week?

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Always say yes to the wine.

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