Ten things I will never do, and I am totally ok with it

Pinterest boards are all filled with seasonal bucket lists, 30 by 30 lists, a list of things you want to do in your lifetime, lists of children's activities that you want your child to experience... but no one ever has a list of "things I will probably never do". Today I am making that list. The list of things that I will  never do, and guess what, I am totally ok with it. 

1. Learn to play the piano
I am too old, and not coordinated enough. I did play clarinet in middle school/high school, but that lonely woodwind instrument will be the closest I will get to playing music with a part of my body. 

2. Visit the seven wonders of the world
First, this would be cool to do. Second, even though it's cool, I have no interest in actually doing it. And since they are the seven wonders of the world, they would be so crowded and not even worth it.

3. Swim with sharks
Swimming with something that views me as lunch is a no-go for me. 

4. Walk on all continents
Sure, I would love to visit Europe, but Asia kinda freaks me out. And so does Africa- they have rather large bugs that may or may not be the size of my head. 

5. Go rock climbing or climb any famous mountain
I'm not a huge fan of heights and I am so not athletic enough.

6. Stay at an underwater hotel in Fiji
Sounds cool, but what about all the water pressure? And the claustrophobia? Yeah, no thanks. 

7. Go to space
Not only would it be expensive, but I'm not a fan of heights or ZERO gravity. Why would anyone just want to float around and crap in a bag?

8. Learn fluent Spanish
Been there, tried to do that. I know enough to get me around, but not enough to not get kidnapped in Mexico. 

9. Run for a political office
I've done a great job of clearing out horrible Facebook photos, but I had way too much fun after I turned 21 for someone to go digging in my past.

10. Go hunting
I get choked up when I find out that a favorite makeup brand tests mascara on little bunnies, so I highly doubt that I would be able to kill a sweet little forest creature.

Is there anything that you'll never do, and are ok with it?

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