five things blogging taught me about myself

Last week, a gal that I am in a Facebook group with, had a great idea for a blog hop and of course I wanted to participate. (I will link the other blogs below, so you can go visit them too!)

1. I have changed
I have been blogging for a little over two years, and I can tell you, blogging has definitely changed me. From trends, to way too much hash tagging, to being overly active in social media, to becoming an extrovert, to wanting to spend some major money on a dslr just so I can take awesome blog pictures, to loving wine, to learning a new lingo (seo, html, stock) and more... I am no longer that simple jeans and t-shirt gal that hit publish on her first post (which was my thirty by thirty list) when she was twenty-eight. I have evolved into a beauty obsessed, wine drinking, writer. 

2. It's ok to ask for help
I've always been the person that wants to figure out everything out on her own. But with blogging, sometimes it's hard to do it by yourself, and asking for help is direly needed. I have learned that not only is it ok, it is actually encouraged. 

3. I am an extrovert online
This one actually just dawned on me this week- I am more comfortable with sharing my utmost secrets, confessions, and struggles with complete strangers, but hate doing it in real life. I have a Facebook page for the blog and promote the crap out of my posts on there, but I rarely promote on my personal page to people that I actually know. Online, I am a total extrovert- I am outgoing, speak my mind, and I'm not afraid of controversy, but in real life- yeah, kiss that shit goodbye if I don't know you. 

4. Writing is my therapy
If I am feeling depressed, sad, mad, or whatever other emotion, all I have to do is sit down and draft a post. It doesn't have to get published, but it can eventually be. It just helps to get the feelings out. 

5. Lists are my jam
Being a blogger leads you to think in lists, but I have realized that lists are actually awesome. They simplify everything and allow you to expand on the items on your own time. 

Are you a blogger? Have you learned anything about yourself though blogging?

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*Photo Credit: Mara Burkes Creative

Always say yes to the wine.

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