Things I'm sure of...

Sometimes in life, I really don't think I know what I'm actually doing. It's almost like a "fake it till you make it" type of thing... And I'm not even sure if I'm doing that right. Especially when it comes to mothering or blogging. Nothing in life ever comes with an instruction booklet... well, it does- like electronics, legos, cars...  But nothing FREE like mothering or blogging or being a wife or other things. Ok, I'm gonna stop before I ramble myself into a corner... 

Anyways, thirteen things I'm sure of are: 

If thought bubbles appeared over my head at work, I would without a doubt be fired. And possibly be admitted to a mental hospital. Maybe not. But I would definitely be fired. 

I will be the big three-oh in like 20 days... 

People need to stop with the whole Starbucks cup... it's stupid and redtarded (see what I did there haha); well unless you get completely sarcastic about it like Tay did.

I will be in our Nation's capital in less than a week! AND I'm feeling a bit anxious and freaked out.

I really need to stop buying makeup... I made VIB at Sephora... which means that I get 20% off of EVERYTHING this weekend... oh man... 

If I ever run out of creative juices, Anne's post is now printed out and taped to my desk. And Lindsay's too

Mondays tend to suck, but it is a bit better because I just came across a new linky... It's called Meetup Monday, and you can read all about it here

I will be re-branding (aka changing the title) by the first of the new year. This is your warning. Many more will come. But consider yourself put on notice.

That picture over there ------------------------------------->
is just temporary...

Hashtags are amazing... I feel as if I've hit insta fame because of them (yeah, probably not, but I feel as if I am from a small town and was just in the news and now I'm small town famous...). Check out some of my ah-mazing insta pictures here. And if you want to know more about the great hashtags, check out Sarah's post.

Today I marks my eighth month at my job... I still really like it, but I have been thinking about a new path in the new year.

Unsplash released a new set of copyright free pictures. LOVE.

Today is the thirteenth... Friday the thirteenth to be exact.

**Cheers to the weekend and Diary of a Real Housewife

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