A life update

November really hasn't been off to a great start for me... The time change is still messing with me, my sinuses are acting up, and my migraines are back again. But... who cares about all that? I am here to give you guys a life update... in the form of a currently post :)


R e a d i n gThe Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America // Erik Larson

W r i t i n g | blog posts!!! 

I have been somewhat absent lately, mostly due to the lack of creativity that I've had, but the other night I sat down and wrote down ALL of my blog post ideas until 2016... crazy, I know. BUT I'm excited!

L i s t e n i n g | to the many dvr'ed shows from the past week. 
During the week, I usually only have enough time to watch a show or two, and even then, I have a four year old begging me to change the channel. And when he's not at home and I can blog- it's easier to listen to a show rather than sit and do nothing while watching. 

T h i n k i n g | about the fact that my 30th is in less than 22 days!!!

W i s h i n g | the next week goes really really fast! 
If you remember, one of the things on my 30 by 30 list was to visit Washington, DC and go see all the touristy stuff... well I finally bought my ticket and in less than a week from today I will be in the Nation's capital! To say I'm excited is putting it lightly...

H o p i n g | for my migraines and sinus issues to get better.
I've been getting some migraines lately, and after much debate, I have returned to my Topamax. 

S m e l l i n g | burning leaves.

W e a r i n g | riding boots!!! 
I finally grabbed me a pair of riding boots. I have rather large calves and until now, I hadn't found a pair that I was comfortable spending $50+ on. I found some brown ones at Maurices and I love them so much! I see leggings in my future. 

W o n d e r i n g | if I should dye my hair or not. 
I have been tossing around the idea of dying my hair honey brown- I had done it in September- and I really think I might. 

L o v i n g | unconditional animal love.
I have been missing my Duce Moose lately, and everytime I ask the hubby for a puppy, he says no. Understandable... so instead of getting my own puppy, I play with my brother's/parent's akita/pit bull mix, Polar Bear. He is so gentle and sweet. 

W a n t i n g | some more Mr. Sketch markers
I recieved the Pumpkin Vox Box from Influenster and in the box was an orange Mr. Sketch marker. -Influenster is one of those pretty awesome "here's a product, try it, and review it". They are primarily based on social media stats, and I want to say that the Pumpkin Vox Box is my 4th this year. My twitter and insta followings are crazy high, so basically if you are an influenster, then work on those :) 

N e e d i n g | a massage... maybe just a glass of wine and a hot bath.

F e e l i n g | tired, congested, and all around worn out. 
But it's ok. 

M i s s i n g | nap time 
I love working a Monday thru Friday job, but sometimes I miss those hours of the day when Lil Man and I would lay on the couch and just nap.

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