Why I'm ok with being basic

For bloggers, Wednesday is all about confessions. And today, is no different.... I confess that I'm ok with being basic...

Being basic isn't a bad thing... It simply means that I like all the crap that other girls like. Granted you aren't going to catch me selfie-ing with a PSL, dressed in leggings and UGGS, but you will catch me in a plaid shirt and maybe a North Face jacket; and definitely with either a cup of hot apple cider or a PSL, hold the coffee- I just like the steamers. 

Hell, you may even see me with a semicolon tattoo by the end of the year... or maybe an arrow... Gosh, I'm already fining for another. Speaking of, have you seen the new tat on my left wrist? Strike another thing off my thirty by thirty list! 

I digress. 

A few weeks ago, the lovely Taylor from The Daily Tay explained the whole phenomenon of being basic. And then she started a trendy hashtag on Insta... #thedailybasic... and it kinda just exploded. Go Tay Go! 

And I'm seriously, definitely, and possibly obsessed with being basic. Maybe it's because I love Fall and pumpkin spice lattes. And sweaters. And pumpkin everything. And scarves. And leaf jumping. And going to the apple orchard. And pumpkin candles. And pumpkin smelly things from Bath and Body works. And plaid. And blanket scarves. And riding boots. And muted colors. And booties. And apple cider. Have you seen my current obsessions?

but... I don't like leggings... vests... pumpkin beer... coffee in my pumpkin spice latte... boot cuffs... UGGS... Oh man, since I've already exhibited like 20 of the 30 likings, does that still make me "basic"? 

Why am I'm ok with being basic? Simply because those things are awesome. Being basic doesn't actually mean that you are basic like a plain white tee,  but that you are basic like a pair of leopard flats. That you know what you like. That evem if you have fallen under the spell of Fall and corporate marketing strategies, you can put your own spin on things. 

That even if you aren't the DIY type of gal, you still search Pinterest for super easy things to make for your house that will put you in the Fall mood everyday. Well, maybe you just hit up the Target dollar section to fancy things up. Like I said, you put your own spin on things. 

I love being basic. I love Fall so much that I would love to live in either Colorado or one of the Dakotas just so I could live Fall all year long. But until I decide to state jump, I will be just fine with this weather...

Tis the season for being basic. 

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