5 summer beauty products I can't live without

All confessions aside, I'm really not a fan of summer. Sure I love the swimming, walking on the beach, bbqs, sports, longer days, and other things, but I HATE the heat. I mean, I hate it with a passion. Sometimes my allergies perk up in the summer months (yeah, I'm that person that gets a cold in the summer) and I can't breathe in the humidity or I get burned because the sun is way too close to the earth and the atmosphere is way too thin... yeah, I'm just not a fan of the heat. And honestly, fall is my jam. But we are not here to talk about all the reasons that a light skin person burns in direct sunlight, we are here to talk about five beauty products that help summer be a little bit more bearable for me.

1. Beach wave spray
In my experience, the easiest hair style to pull off for days has to be beach waves/loose curls. I love taking second day hair, putting some curls in it with my KISS rotating curler, and spraying it down with Oribe Apres Beach wave & shine spray.

2. Colored eyeliner
I have a confession... until this summer I had never been a fan of colored eyeliner- I'm referring to any color besides Neutrals. Then I recieved a plum color in my June Birchbox and a blue one in a beauty swap... uh huh, now I'm hooked. I love how fun the colored eyeliner is and how you can use it for day and night use. I love the liners from Marcelle.

3. Eye shadow crayon
Summer is about easy makeup because what's the point of doing your makeup for hours and you will probably wash it off at the beach or pool. For eye shadow, you know so I can put some color on my ghost like face, I love the crayons. They are usually waterproof, come in pretty colors, and are easily spreadable.  I love the NYC city proof 24 hr waterproof eye shadow crayon. Cheap and work great.

4. Face serum with SPF
I have light colored hair so you can pretty much bet that I will burn in the sun. Enter the concept of a face serum that contains SPF. Best thing ever. Supergoop makes a great serum with SPF! 

5. Setting spray/mist
I hate the way that my makeup wants to melt off my face whenever I go out into the humidity filled heat that inhibits the Northwest throughout the months of summer. My secret weapon: setting spray. Not only does it help with my melting issue, it also matifies my powder foundation and saves me from looking all cakey. I love the sprays from Supergoop and Urban Decay.

What are five summer beauty products you can't live without?

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