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Honestly, this week has kinda sucked for me... My dog has fluid in his belly, and the vet doesn't know why, so we are running a bunch of tests (Cancer has been mentioned, fyi); I had a bad day at work on Wednesday (I'm not going to go into details... basically I wanted to cry), and I've been getting some nasty headaches. On the flip side, I got a new camera, so hopefully my photography skills are going to get better.

In light of my somewhat sucky week, instead of doing a Friday favorites, I wanted to share some things that have been...

-----one // Caitlyn Jenner
Monday was a hell of a day for the Kardashian/Jenner family. Kim had announced her second pregnancy (more on that in a minute), and then Caitlyn was introduced. And my lord, was she introduced! Have you seen the Vanity Fair teasers? WOW! She looks amazing, and I am so happy for her! 

But the one thing that I'm not a fan of... people being assholes about the fact that she's not all woman yet. Seriously people! She's happy and she's a role model for all of those transgender teens out there being bullied and feeling like they are alone. I support what she stands for and believe that she is brave to do all the transforming in front of the court of public opinion.

And the one thing that really irritates me... the fact that Caitlyn is being recognized for an ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award for her brave coming out, and the people who deserve it most aren't getting shit. I mean come on... she is beating out an Iraq war vet who lost half of his limbs defending our great county; a girl who battled cancer, raised money for it, and never quit playing the sport that she loved; and the football player who worked through his cancer diagnoses and showed people that it's ok to be scared, but to not give up. It's so irritating because the Arthur Ashe is supposed to be centered around sports and it's Caitlyn NOT Bruce that is being recognized. Caitlyn basically gave up the identity of Bruce and cannot claim Bruce's sports accomplishments. And they are going to award her for transforming into what she had wanted to be for some years. Ok, yeah, I get it. But figure out another way to honor Caitlyn. Don't spit on the legacy's and in the faces of REAL heros.

I've said my peace, and this is how I feel. You can read the article here. 

-----two // Kim's pregnancy #2
First, I'm excited for Kim. Horray! And we all know that baby is going to be one cutie! But who didn't see this coming? Many tabloids had already announced that Kim had been trying for another one, so when they finally announced, it really wasn't a surprise.

-----three // Josh Duggar- a 12 year old family secret gone wrong
Sure he may be last week's news, but the fact that two victims- his own sisters- have be identified just blew the whole issue wide open and I am saddened by this issue. Earlier this week, Josh's parents, Michelle and Jim Bob went on record and talked about what had happened. And now his own two sisters, his victims, are DEFENDING him. Seriously? That is what I call brainwashing.

Oh, it's ok because Josh was a naive boy and our parents never taught us about sex, so at the time I didn't know if it was ok or not...  

Michelle even stated in the interview that the girls weren't aware that what Josh had done was wrong. It could be because as Michelle stated, Josh went in and touched the girls when they were sleeping. Are they actually sure that that is the only time this sorta thing happened? Why didn't they educate their children about improper touching from others? And then the BS about putting up safeguards after Josh went to Michelle and Jim Bob, and even though they couldn't excuse his actions, they could forgive him. I'm sorry, I believe in God and all, but if I found out someone touched my son, I would be the one in jail. There is no forgiveness.

My surprise lies with TLC and the question is: why hasn't the show been outright cancelled yet? Look at the whole Honey Boo Boo situation... Mama June was seeing a cho mo, and TLC yanked the show faster than a cheetah chasing a gazelle. So what's the hold up?

Granted I do feel bad that Jessa and Jill's past victimization is out there, but nothing can be changed about that. In all honesty, they need to blame their parents for not dealing with the situation a bit better. 

-----four // Why oh why is there summer break for our favorite TV shows?
What am I supposed to watch this summer? Yeah, there are some favorite summer shows, but I really miss my Scandal, Grey's, and SVU...

-----five // I've gotten back to blog reading and I really loved:

Snapchat for Bloggers // Becoming Addorable
I never thought of using Snapchat as a blogging tool... but I bet it would be fun!

Speak up for Silence // Sage & Cassie

Combating Blogger's Block // The Fairy Princess Diaries

What would be my Ganster name? // Lot 48

Anything been on your mind lately? 
How would you weigh in on the issues? 
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