April in pictures

A good friend once wrote, "When I take pictures, it's not for the attention; it's to capture an emotion. It's so I can look back and relive that moment. My life has been nothing but positivity, and the vibes are contagious. Live the life you love, and love the life you live." I couldn't have said it better. April was a really good month for me... We celebrated Easter, Lil man say his first movie in a theater, I received my first sunburn of the season, and so much more. 

one // Lil Man and the Easter Bunny became besties, and he actually took a picture with him, by himself. Another milestone :) 

two // Lil Man hit another milestone by seeing his first movie in the theater. My parents and I took him to see Furious 7 on Good Friday. I must say that he actually did good in the theater. 

three // Easter egg decorating was a fun lil time... Lil man enjoyed dippign the eggs in the different colors and seeing the marbled looks he made. 

four // The weather in April was a bit cray cray... the temps reached 86 on day and stayed in the upper part of the 70s for the next couple of days. I was so grateful tho- Easter was beautiful. 

five // Due to the amazing temps, I decided to spend some time outside, and well, I burnt. #redheadproblems

six // My first baby celebrated his 6th birthday :)

seven // Nice weather generally means yard work for me. And that's why I earned my first sunburn of the year. 

eight // The Bruce Jenner interview really sparked some courage in me, and last week I decided to share one of the skeletons in my closet: the fact that I am a child of a transgender parent. ps.... thank you all for your support on the post. It made me feel that I did the right thing by hitting "publish". 

nine // Lil Man is starting to become interested in sports, and soccer is his favorite. He loves when I get out and kick the ball with him. I have a feeling that he may be ready by summer to be able to play on a team. 

"Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important & you'll capture it perfectly." - Unknown

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