five questions not to ask the parent who has one child

Hi, my name is Tabitha, and my husband and I have one child. Our child is four, and no, another one is not on the way. For at least another couple of years.

Throughout the past four years, numerous individuals have asked my husband and I if we are going to give our son a little brother or sister. And quite frankly I'm a little tired of it. I mean, do my husband and I really have to justify our interest in one child? Or include everyone in our baby making plans?

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

The most annoying thing about having one child, and the world knowing about it? The incessant questions.  So I am here today to answer those questions.

one || Are you planning on having anymore children?
I seriously can't tell you that answer, but why should I have to decide? Because most of the world has at least two children? Because those two children are under the age of five? Sure, having children close in age, may be amazing for those children, but to me, it just seems stressful. How are you actually able to devote an amount of time to a three year old, while devoting almost 100% of your time to a newborn? Stressful.

two || Don't you get baby fever?
The anwser... yes, I do. And it's bad. But then I realize that the costs of having another child right now, severely outweigh the benefits. Sure I would love to be able to smell that tiny baby smell 24/7, but I certainly do not yearn to smell like baby puke constantly. Plus I have a few nieces and nephews to keep my "fever" away. 

three || How is your son going to learn to play with other children and share, if you don't have another one?
The answer: playdates and school. I don't have to have another child to teach my son how to be nice and share with other children. He can get enough interaction from playdates with children his own age, playing at the park, and when he goes to school.

four || Who will keep him company when you and your hubby pass?
This question came from the episode of Grey's, when Callie tells Arizona that she doesn't want little Sophia to bury them alone. Plain and simple... I REALLY DONT WANT TO THINK OF THAT RIGHT NOW.  

five || Aren't you worried that he will become spoiled? 
The answer: all children have the tendency to be spoiled. It's another perk of being a parent; spoiling your child. Sure we buy him toys and tons of things to ride in the yard, but the key is teaching him to be grateful for what he does have.

Even though I am annoyed with the questions, I am actually grateful. Any time I tend to think that I am happy with just my little man, someone goes and asks one of the questions, and my life is automatically put into perspective. The perspective of my life as a single child parent, and the possible want of adding to my parenthood status. 

Are you a single child parent, and have been asked any of the questions? How did you respond?
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  1. Oh Girl! I love this post because I'm right there with you. I have one son, he's 12 and I've heard all those things, too except the one about who will keep him company when you die? Someone seriously said that!? How rude! He or she will have lots of family and friends to keep them company. Plus, take it from me, siblings may not always be around. Anyway, my thing is that I was a single mom for 9 years now that I'm getting married in September everyone has started with those questions again BUT the really special ones are "Why would you want another baby when you've got one almost grown?" You have no idea how many times i've wanted to tell people to mind their own business in regards to this subject.

  2. Hey if you want people to stop asking you these questions? Get a divorce :) Worked like a charm!

  3. I'm not a parent, but I did grow up as an only child. I'm sure my mom has been asked these questions while I was growing up. I do know for a fact that she still gets asked about what who will be there for me when she and my dad pass. I can see how being asked any of these questions would be quite annoying.

  4. That made me laugh! Too funny, but yes, that would work :)

  5. Thanks hun! The company one came from the tv show, but it's a valid question, I think. Also, I think in some ways, people are just looking for conversation starters... They want to have an insight to what you are doing or what not. Like it their place to know. Yeah...

  6. Sometimes people just don't think. Like when someone says they are adopting, then people come up with the questions like, "why do you want to adopt?" or "why can't you have one of your own?" (They probably don't put it that bluntly).


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