DIY: birchbox upcycle

If you have been here for awhile, you would know that I have been a Birchboxer for a little over a year now. Today I'm not going to go into the subscription, you can view my past boxes here; instead today, I am going to show you what I have done with all my boxes....

You see, each month my Birchbox subscription usually comes in a nice, sturdy box, and most of the time they have some rather pretty designs. I like to keep my boxes, mostly for the storage aspect. I really like the designs, but I sometimes my OCD kicks in and the pattern mixing really gets to me. After reading a similar tutorial on Boxwood Avenue, I decided to do something about it...

The boxes I used, happen to hold my miscellaneous jewlery items... and the method I chose was painting. *You could probably also spray paint the boxes, but considering the boxes were going to be housed in a drawer, I decided to go with the less smelly option.

How to make your boxes pretty...

-Old Birchboxes
-Paint brush or sponge painter
-Newspaper (or something else your box can dry on)


Step one // Gather your empty boxes. 

Step two // Gather some paint in your favorite colors. 
I have an abundance of acrylic paint, due to my wine glass painting, so I used a few from my collection. If you don't have paint on hand, I would recommend the Martha Stewart all surface paint from Michael's,  but if you're tight on money, the $.98 ones from Walmart will get the job done.

Step three // Paint a coat of the color onto one half of your box. 
For lighter shades, you may need to use two coats to cover the Birchbox lettering on the top, but be sure to let the paint dry, before adding another coat.  For darker shades- like black- one should do it. 

Step four // Paint the other half of your box. 
Simple, right? :)

Step five // Allow time for each side to dry, and then figure out if you want to either add another coat, or just be finished :) 

Step six // Enjoy your pretty boxes!

Additional info:
-You can use a paint brush, but I would recommend using a sponge painter. The coverage is more even.
-You may see that the box starts to bubble with the second coat of paint, but don't worry- it will dry just fine.
-You can also add embellishments on the box corners, like this tutorial on Boxwood Avenue did.
-If you don't have a Birchbox Sub, then you could probably use the little gift boxes at Target (the ones by the wrapping and gift bags) and get the same effect.

If you do use my tutorial, tweet me on Twitter, or tag me on Insta, because I would love to see!
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  1. This is such a great idea! I always keep boxes because I think I'll make them cute... maybe now I actually will! :)

  2. What a great idea. I have so empty boxes that could use a bit of a facelift.

  3. I need to do more with my UnDecorated Birchboxes...great Craft/DIY tutorial :)

  4. Love this, thanks!


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