today is the 22nd... & a very special day

Today is definitely a very special day... it's the hubby's birthday! Eeek! 

So in honor of the hubby and the several birthdays we have celebrated, I have decided to dedicate today's post to him, and tell you the top five wonderful things I love about him :)

1. He works hard for the monies. 
We live in Northwest Indiana, and about two years ago, the hubby applied and was hired in at a casino almost 2 hours away (actually it's like 1.5 hrs drive time, but still). He makes good money, and we have talked extensively about relocating, but we just don't have the funding. And I'm really not ready to pay IL taxes. So for now, the hubby works 4 days a week, and his typical work day goes like this.... come home from work, go to sleep, get up 4 hours before he has to be at work, get ready to go to work, leave & drive to work, actually work, and drive home to do it all over again. Oh, and he works midnight's- so Lil Man and I see Daddy for a few minutes in the morning, and maybe for about an hour when he's getting ready for work.

2. After seven years together, he still makes me laugh.
Yes, that is a very true statement. He can make me laugh when I'm in a funk or feeling down. Period.

3. He is a good Dad.
Sure, he has his moments, but the hubby is truly a good Dad. He is the type that would spend his last dying breathe to make Lil Man happy, and Lil Man knows that. Daddy builds amazing train tracks that spread around the living room, engineers ramps out of boxes and blankets for the monster trucks, and is the architect of grand Lego buildings. He is always bringing something home for Lil Man, and loves to take him to the tool store, just to look around. They have a really good relationship.

4. He supports me in my endeavors and gives me freedom.
The hubby really doesn't yell at me for wanting to go out on one of his days off, or for spending money (to clarify, I am the one who handles the financials, so if my spending gets us into hot water, then he has plausible deniability). He also supports the fact that I am a blogger, and sometimes I need to spend an hour typing away at the computer. And he will sometimes take my outfit pictures. 

5. He loves me.
I won't lie and say that the hubby and I have a perfect relationship, because it is far from it (but nowhere near wanting a divorce), but we love each other and both try to show each other that. He brings me home a Dr. Pepper and says that he was thinking of me, or comes up behind me while I'm doing dishes and gives me a kiss on the cheek, and tells me that I look pretty when I feel like I don't. 

Happy Birthday love xoxo

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  1. Happy birthday to him.. The love of your life <3

  2. Ashley Ponder RichardsFebruary 22, 2015 at 11:15 AM

    Such a sweet post! The things you listed are the most important qualities in a man. It's a great picture of the three of you. I'm glad you have a great partner who supports you. From previous posts I can tell how much you support him. Sounds like a great relationship! I hope y'all have a wonderfully fun celebration as a family.

  3. Thank you so much hun! We support each other alot, and want to see each other succeed in everything we want to do. We have a pretty good relationship- working on the whole communication thing, but otherwise we are awesome :)


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