my top five favorite christmas movies

I'm going to be honest here... with all the Christmas spirit going on and everything, it's kinda hard to keep coming back day after day... There are presents to make, gifts to wrap, cookies to be made, and so many other things. But in the true spirit of Christmas, I wanted to stop by and share my top five favorite Christmas movies. I mean, I am super grateful for Christmas movies, because through the hustle and bustle of this wonderful season, a movie has a way of making you slow down and spend some time with the people that truly matter: your family.

one | Polar Express
Man, I could watch this movie over and over. I love the meaning behind the story, and it's so cute. We actually bought this one for Lil Man last year.

two | The Santa Claus Trilogy
Yes, I am talking about all three movies. I love the third one the most, but the whole idea behind the movies is great.

three | How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I have been reading Dr. Seuss books since I was a child, and when they finally made the "live" action movie, I was ecstatic!

four | National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Seriously, who doesn't love this movie? And who hadn't dreamt of spending Christmas with the Griswold's?

five | Elf
 Oh my... yes, yes, and triple yes... I LOVE this movie. However I really don't like how USA plays this in constant repeat Christmas Day.

Other Christmas movies I love
A Christmas Story
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
Fred Claus
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Jingle All the Way
I love how a good Christmas movie gets you in the Christmas spirit and such. A Christmas movie can excite you, make you grateful for family, remind you of the better things in life, make you laugh and so much more. And since Christmas movies are so great, last year we started the tradition of buying a new one, once a year, and watching it on Christmas Eve. This year, we are expected to go with The Grinch, but you never know with my Lil Man.

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What's your favorite Christmas movie?
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  1. My favorite Christmas movie is Elf but I have always loved Miracle on 34th Street. Each year I have to watch: Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, 4 Christmases, National Lampoons, Home Alone, and Love Actually. Don't be mad but I've never seen The Polar Express. I feel like I must watch it now since you love it so much.

  2. Such a great selection of movies! I however really didn't like The Polar Express. Loved the book as a kid but I hated the movie. Not sure why, but I remember a creepy train car with puppets and dolls and yuckkkk. not for me haha.

  3. I absolutely love elf! I could watch it over and over again! you have a lovely blog:)
    I am following you and I would love it if you followed backxx

  4. Watching Christmas movies is one of my favorite Christmas traditions in the month of December :) Would you believe I only just saw The Polar Express for the first time a few days ago?! Loved it!

  5. Hooray for Elf! I've never seen The Polar Express but I have the children's book, I bet it's a great film. I personally love White Christmas and Love Actually too!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! Thank you for my birthday card :) xo


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