Christmas 2014 Recap

Whew! Is anyone happy that the Christmas festivities are over with? I mean, I love the wonderful holiday of giving and spending time with family just like any other person, but I'm glad that I don't have to be stressed any more! 

We had four Christmases this year.  Yes, I just said four: the hubby's family, my parents, ours, and my grandmother's. And let's be honest- it was great to spend time with everyone,  but it's was rough. Do you know how hard it is to tear away a child from his new toys so you can drive an hour away for Christmas Day dinner? Extremely! 

Lil Man received everything on his list, which consisted of only the Max Tow Truck- THE toy of the season; and some others that made him happy. I'm relieved that we were actually able to find the Tow Truck, because I really didn't wanna go all Jingle All The Way on someone...

Anyways, we had a nice, normal holiday. It was almost 50 degrees and snow was not an option. Yes, I love the whole White Christmas thing, but c'mon.... does anyone actually like driving in it? No. We usually get our snow in January, and I am very content on that. 

The hubby and I both received great gifts. I rachievedtwo necklaces- one from the hubby and one from Lil Man, a Sentsy like warmer, alot of Moose things, a bottle of wine, bath products, fuzzy socks... yes, my family really does know me! The hubby received a hand held Sega game, some pj pants, a speaker for the garage, gloves, candy, and some other miscellaneous things. He is rather hard to buy for. 

But I did learn a few things this Christmas... 

one | It's not all about the presents. Sure, I've known this one for awhile, but in previous years, we had gone all out on Lil Man's gifts. And he little! This year, we spent around $200ish on him. And you know what? He was happy. We didn't have to buy him a gaming console, a ton of toys, or any other BIG ticket item to make him that way either. He was just content. Sure he is only four, and not that hard to please, but honestly, I don't get the absurd idea of spending your whole paycheck (and going broke) on your kids for Christmas.

two | Christmas cards are fun to send, but next year, I probably won't send them. I love to send Christmas cards & I love the feeling of sending someone a little bit of cheer. I mean, what if my card is the only one they receive for the year? That's why I gave my readers a chance to give me their addresses and then I would send them one. But in all honesty, I was actually kinda disappointed in the number of cards I received back. Sure, I wasn't expecting ANYTHING from anyone that I sent a card to, but considering that I sent almost 100 cards, I should have at least received like 20. But then again... it's just a piece of heavy card stock, right? 

In the end, the main reason I won't be sending them, is the money. And the having to go through the years pictures and find the best one. The having to order them, to make sure they will be here in time to be addressed and mailed. And the having to go through my many addresses and then hope the person still lives at the address on file. It's annoying to say the least. And expensive in the end. 

three | Being with family is the best thing. My bestie- who lives 14 hours away by car- can in for the week, and I couldn't have been happier. I only see her about 2-3 times a year, and really miss her. Lil Man was also able to play with her boys- and he had a blast! Seeing her, and talking to her in person had to be the best gift of all!

This week, I won't be featuring any blogger love posts, because no one posts during the holidays, right? :) But tomorrow, I should be posting another 3 months of my year in review! 

How was your holiday?

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  1. We had a lot of Christmases as well! I had 3 - one at my dads, my moms parents and my dads parents

  2. I'm not crying over not having a white Christmas, either!! Today I walked around outside in short sleeves and felt comfortable, and it was glorious. Glad that you had a great Christmas!

  3. very nice post. love the pictures :) im also very glad that stressing christmas is over! I know how aweful it is to drive everywhere to visit every family member possible. but it is always very fun with the family :)
    great blog, very inspiring
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)



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